Stuffing Sense: Why There Are No Beans in Bean Bag Chairs

Providing so much comfort, bean bags have become an essential room accessory of today. But have you ever wondered why they don’t put beans in bean bag chairs? That’s because bean bag chairs have evolved too! Since it’s all about making bean bag chairs more appealing, more convenient, and now, more environmentally benign, these comfortable couches are filled with synthetic and natural materials, making them more lightweight than ever before.


Common Fillings of Bean Bag Chairs

What makes a bean bag chair different from other chairs is the filler used in it. Since each type of filler varies in terms of functionality, it’s important to understand which filler suits your relaxing needs the most. Below are the main types of fillers used in bean bag chairs:

Polystyrene Beads – These are small beads that move easily. The lightweight texture of these beads helps you change your sitting positions as and when you want.

Shredded Foam Filler – If relaxing with cushions is your thing, then you’ll love to use bean bag chairs filled with polyurethane foam (a common material that’s used in manufacturing couches).

Natural Fillers – Considered cheaper fillers, these include natural elements such as dried peas, beans, rice, and popcorn. Though they possess good stuffing capacity, they may make your bean bag chairs too heavy and quite rock-like. Besides this, natural fillers attract pests. Nevertheless, natural fillers like green peas are also said to have great massaging effects. This soothes tired muscles.

Mixed Fillers – These are a heterogeneous blend of shredded foam and polystyrene beads. Various manufacturers use this combination to make bean bag chairs more comfortable.

Packing Peanuts – Made of polyethylene, these fillers are bigger but more lightweight.

Cedar Shavings – Cedar is a tree that’s used in home decor. Besides this, it’s great for pest control which is why bean bag chairs made from this filler serve the purpose of driving away insects.


Covering Materials

Bean bag covers are made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, nylon, cotton, leather, or polyester. However, the trick is to choose the right covering material that also suits your family’s needs.

Bean bags look appealing only if they’re clean! Since everyone in the family will be tempted to use bean bag chairs, you should buy washable covers so that any spills can easily be washed off.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Bean Bag Chairs

What could be cozier than relaxing on a bean bag chair? Though all bean bag chairs may look a lot similar in terms of functionality, it’s true that all are different! That’s because all types of bean bag chairs are designed differently. Here’s how you can buy the best bean bag chairs:

Determine What Size You Want.  Sizes vary depending on who it’s for (adults, teens, kids, toddlers). However, a standard-size bean bag designed for adults has the width of 37 inches. But if you want a larger size, then there are giant bean bag chairs as well. To identify the size that suits your family the most, find more information at

Always Put Back Support at the Top of Your Priority List.  Bean bag chairs with strong back support don’t only help you relax after a long day, it’s equally useful for people dealing with back problems, pregnant mothers, and nursing mothers. That’s why it’s always better to choose bean bag chairs that provide the maximum support to your back and muscles.

Inquire about Durability.  Kids are attracted to bean bag chairs the most. And it’s no surprise that they love eating, playing, crashing, jumping, and even rolling on bean bag chairs. Therefore, it’s essential to choose bean bag chairs that aren’t only child proof, bu that provide enhanced durability too. Look for bean bags with strong fabrics, high-quality fillers, and durable covers.

Select the Bean Bag Fillers Carefully.  Be aware that bean bag chairs filled with faux leather consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is extremely harmful to health as well as the environment. Instead, it’s ideal to go for chipped foams, polystyrene beans, beads, or natural fillers.

Make Sure Bean Bags Don’t Catch Fire.  If you’ve kids, choose bean bag chairs that are resistant to fire. Also, buy an extra bean bag outer covering to ensure that the fillers are intact and won’t come out. For maximum safety, you can either create a double zipper or double-seal your bean bags.

The Bottom Line

Bean bag chairs don’t only look sophisticated and stylish, they are considered highly relaxing due to the finest fillers inside them. You can also customize these soft bean bags with your desirable outer covering to complement your home interior. If you keep all buying considerations in mind, you are sure to find a bean bag chair that is just perfect for your family.

Benjamin Cox works as an upholsterer and shares his knowledge of the trade online in his articles. His articles appear at DIY and Decor blogs, Mommy lifestyle blogs and more.

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  1. We had bean bag chairs, one for each of my kids when they were younger. They were great when we’d watch tv.

    • I had this huge red fuzzy bean bag growing up at my nana and granddad’s farmhouse. I’d sit in that and watch television and munch on Turkey Hill peanut butter ice cream every weekend and watch Hee Haw, The Donny and Marie (Osmond) Show, and Lawrence Welk with my nana. Good times in that bean bag chair!

  2. Bean bags are the new go to chairs in our house. The kids each have one and they are great because they are comfortable and can be moved from room to room if needed. Even our critters enjoy them!

    • I am hoping to get MoMo one for Christmas … I think she’d enjoy that much better than the memory foam that we have for her … then again, all that moving around might wig her out and she might refuse to sleep in it lol! Maybe we should do a trial run at the pet store first ha ha ha!

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