Super Simple Ways To Update Your Style

Upgrading your style can be scary, especially if you’ve pretty much had the same style for as long as you remember. However, updating your style can be fun, and you can do it in a way that’s really easy. Here are a few super simple ways to update your style so you can get started and feel inspired!

Change Your Hair

Sometimes, you don’t need to change your clothes to change your style. How about changing your hair? If you like your hair, you can skip past this point and onto the next one. However, if you’ve been feeling bored for a while, try something new! Maybe you could get a fringe or change your parting if you want to start small. You could even try something a little bolder, like a new length or color. Changing your hair can completely change your look!

Look At New Accessories

Are your accessories a little tired and worn out? Look at updating your jewelry box. Make sure you have statement pieces and daintier pieces that you can use to layer up your look. Layered necklaces, rings, and bracelets can all look amazing!

Super Simple Ways To Update Your Style

Try A Bold Lipstick

Not used to wearing lipstick? Be brave and try one out. Go for pillarbox red, or something in a darker red if you prefer a vampy look. It can take a while to get used to wearing a bold lipstick, so consider trying it out around the house first.

Let People Know What You’re About Using Your Clothes

Maybe you’re not happy with your style because you’ve outgrown your old style. You want your clothes to say something about you, so let people know what you’re about using your clothes! Get slogan t-shirts, like the ones in this catalog and see how you can make them work with cool trousers, shoes, and jackets. You can also use pattern and color to create a funkier look. Don’t forget to incorporate texture to stop your outfit from looking boring!

Try Something Vintage

If you’ve never tried incorporating something vintage into your outfit, you’re missing out. Vintage clothing is clothing that nobody else owns, and you can style it a number of ways using modern items to make it look amazing. Don’t dress in head to toe vintage, or you might look like you’re doing fancy dress.

Commit To A Bold Pattern

Don’t just go for a pretty pattern. Commit to something big and bold! Chances are, you’ll fall in love with your look and it’ll make you feel even more confident. Wearing patterns can be addictive. Try mixing 3 once you feel even more confident!

Add Some Bright Shoes

The easiest way to make an outfit look funky? Add bright shoes. Bright red shoes can look incredible with just about anything you wear. Find a pair in your favorite color and see if you can style them to funk up your outfits.

Hopefully you’ve taken something away from this post and found a few ways to update your style. Have fun!

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