Avoid Being a Helipad Mommy

Have you ever asked yourself, “are you doing too much for your child?” Mostly, mommies don’t; but it’s important to admit that we don’t have to solve all of their problems. No wonder it’s not easy to avoid their well being but it might not be that crucial all the time- we need to let our children do mistakes and learn their lessons. Parents can never teach kids from their own experiences alone. Yes, keeping an eye is very important and you could do this very well with parental controls for smartphones. So you could avoid being a helipad parent and safeguard them at the same time. [read more]

tweens teens and self-esteem

Tweens and Teens and Self-Esteem

Tweens and Teens have a difficult time building their self-esteem due to hormones, peer pressure, emotional turmoil and a multitude of other factors and influences. Staying the course and helping them through each period is one method of finding what works best for your child. [read more]