Take a Different Type of Trip Next Vacation


When you’re planning your vacations what do you think about? Do you want to go somewhere and relax on a sunny beach? Perhaps you’re taking the kids to one of the world’s most popular theme parks. Or, maybe, you’d like to do something completely, new and exciting on your next vacation. We’ve got a few ideas that certainly match that possibility, so let’s look at a few right now.

Take A Trip To A Random Destination

How about not planning where you want to go on vacation at all? Instead, try heading to the airport and picking a flight and destination at random. You can certainly do this as long as you have the appropriate visa and of course, your passport. With this info, you should be able to board a plane and head anywhere. You might run into a little questioning at customs but won’t it be worth it to be completely spontaneous with your next travel plan? This is how people discover wonderful new cultures and exciting new worlds that they have never dreamed of before.

Go On An Adventure, An Exhilarating Ride

Of course, you could book an adventure holiday in a location that you have planned. For instance, you could head out on an African safari. There are companies that provide everything you need to do this and will plan the trip for you from the flight over there to the tour guide who will greet you as you get off the plane. If you have always longed to see a lion up close or perhaps watch a giraffe in its natural habitat, this is the trip you should be booking this year. Or, alternatively, perhaps you want to think about a different type of adventure.

What about a motorcycle adventure tours like RIDE adventures? There, you’ll be able to rip across the landscape with nothing but two wheels between you and the ground. How exciting would that be? If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you might want to get some lessons first but after that take to the open road or go off the beaten track completely.

Take A Sports Holiday

You might think this is in line with what we’ve just talked about. But we think anyone would be hard-pressed to call a golf holiday and an exhilarating ride. Still, journeying from one golf course to another, perhaps around Europe, could make for a fun vacation. Trying to convince the family to tag along? You might want to let them know that some of the world’s best golf courses actually have some of the world’s best hotels! So, you can enjoy your favorite hobby while the family lies back in luxury.

Giving Something Back

Or finally, you could opt for something completely different and choose to spend your vacation, giving your time and energy to a good cause. Volunteers are always welcomed with open arms in Fiji to build new houses. While Vietnam is a great place to spend time volunteering in schools, teaching English. If you don’t want to relax this vacation and still visit a beautiful place, this could be the perfect ticket.

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