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Ever since we adopted Mollyanna into our family 5 years ago, she’s grown to be a member of the family. The baby of the family if you will. She has as many toys and blankies as a newborn baby would have and her own comfy bed to sleep in, although she prefers hogging our bed to hers any chance she gets. Naturally, as the baby of the family, she has all sorts of treats as well for those too cute for words moments. You know what I mean – like when they spin around and hop on their back feet because they are so happy to see you, or they give you those big brown sad eyes when they are begging for a bit of what is on your plate.

She is absolutely adorable, and one of the most intelligent dogs that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of our family. She really is amazing! She will literally try and talk and she squeals on the boys and I to hubby ALL the time when we’ve got something to eat and refuse to share with her. She’ll run to him and look at us and then do this little talking/grunting communication with hubby. I swear its uncanny how he knows what she’s trying to tell him!


She is such a caring soul, even after all that she’s been through. Abused as a puppy, she is extremely fearful of small children (who threw rocks at her and kicked her when she was little). She is extremely intuitive as well. She knows when one of us is not feeling well, and she makes it her duty to snuggle up to whomever is not feeling well and cover them with kisses to make them feel better. When I experience a seizure, she will stay by my side anywhere from 24 to 48 hours – from the time I lose conscious until I’m back in the land of the living again. She is a true little gem, and I love her dearly for being so sweet and caring.


Before we knew what had happened, Mollyanna had gained some weight – fast. All of those treats and little bits of our “human food” added up over the course of a few months and before we knew what happened, Molly was overweight and having a difficult time sitting and rolling over.

So while I couldn’t watch the rest of the family with her 24/7, I could do my part to make sure that she was eating healthy and balancing out the damage that the table food and the unhealthy snacks were doing. I changed her food to a weight loss control formula that was basically the only thing she would eat (as far as dog food goes) and started looking for healthy treats for her. She loves fresh vegetables like green beans and peas, so I made sure that she had plenty of those each week as well, just slightly steamed so they still had a bit of crunch to them. She loves them!

Changing her diet was a start, but that isn’t all that we did. Being a member of Sam’s Club, when we found a treat or a particular food that Molly liked, we could pick up all of her Purina® pet products we needed from Sam’s Club. No need to worry about running to the store every week or every other week for what she needed (or us for that matter).

Mollyanna and the Air Hog Helicopter

So with the change in her diet, change to healthier snacks, it was time to start getting some regular exercise. In the fall and spring, its super easy for the two of us to take off and spend an hour walking around the neighborhood. Mollyanna checks out all the new sights and scents and I take oodles of pictures of everything and anything that catches my eye. During the summer, the humidity and heat is just too much for her, so our walking gets confined to short little walks up on the hill and a romp in the field.

Now that fall has arrived and our temperatures are cooler, we are both anxious to get fit again and start our walks. It is one of the reasons why we choose to take the Sam’s Club Purina® Paws 4 Life Pledge. After all, a happy pet is a healthy pet and there isn’t anything that we would not do to make our Mollyanna as happy as she can be!

Why don’t you join us and take the Sam’s Club Purina® Paws 4 Life Pledge with us? It’s super easy to do, and then share a photo of you and your four-legged family member and let us know!

Sam’s Club Purina® Paws 4 Life Pledge

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