Take Some Time to DIY

Your home is going to get to the point where it really needs some DIY. There will be little things all over that house that might have been bugging you for months, maybe even years. But this year is the year to get all those niggling issues gone, and your house back into tip-top condition. There’s no need to hire someone, it is too expensive, and you’ll most likely find a lot of it is easy enough to do yourself.

Take Some Time to DIY


As we’ve said, there might be a few things within your home that need a quick fix to make them perfect again. One of the most annoying ones you can possible have? A broken garage door. If you usually open it to take things out often, or perhaps used to use it to park your car, then it can quickly become a nightmare. Some of the fixes are easier than others, it just depends what is wrong in the first place.

But luckily for you, Above & Beyond Garage Doors shares how to fix a garage door in a really helpful article. It covers a range of problems that might be causing the issue, and how to quickly get them solved on your own.

One final, yet really annoying problem, is a broken shower. It is nothing to do with the water, just the shower every so often likes to break a little. The first thing that might be causing it is a blockage in the tube of the shower hose. If the water is barely trickling out, this is most likely the cause. All you have to do is put some limescale remover, and maybe a bit of bleach, down the pipe and clean it out. You should see the water flowing through pretty quickly.

It could be something to do with the actual shower itself that is broke. After a few years of use, it is easy enough for them to become subject to a bit of wear and tear. It might be the fact you just need to replace the shower unit with a fancy new one to get rid of your issue.

The Squeaky Door. Every time you open it the sound will go through you. Yet it is so easy to fix if you know how to. All squeaky doors are caused by either a loose or damaged hinge. Try putting some lubricant on the hinges first and see if that solves the issues. The cylinder part of the mechanism is where you’ll need to put it. If that fails, tighten the screws to see if one might have come loose a little.

If all else fails, it is time to replace the hinge. It is as simple as going to your local DIY store, getting two new hinges, using a screwdriver to remove the old ones, and putting the new hinges in the same place the old ones were. Secure them with screws, and make sure they’re screwed in tightly. All your squeaking issues are now solved!

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