Taking Care of Little Feet

Babies feet are as delicate as the rest of their bodies, which means that you need to take very good care of them as they grow into toddlers. Here are some of the most important things you can do to support their feet and ensure that they grow to be strong and supportive.

Avoid Tightness

When you’re putting anything on your baby’s feet, whether it be socks, booties, footed PJs or baby rompers, you need to make absolutely sure that they are not too tight. If they are very tight, they could end up cutting off the circulation to the foot, which would not be good for baby. Oh, and because babies grow so fast, you need to remember that what might not have been too tight a little while ago, could be to tight now, so keep checking them just to be sure.

Buy Soft-Soled Shoes

Soft-Soled shoes such as Olive and Bean Baby Moccasins and baby Chuck Taylors are much better for babies because they allow the foot to develop to be stronger and more supportive than shoes with hard soles. Obviously, they are much more comfortable than more rigid shoes too, and your baby’s comfort is obviously of paramount to you.

Don’t Make Them Wear Shoes Too Often

Babies don’t really need to wear shoes much at all, at least not until they’re starting to explore more when shoes will protect their delicate feet. So, try to only put shoes on them when you’re going out when they’re starting to crawl or at other times when foot protection is deemed necessary. This will ensure that they aren’t restricted and that their feet will learn to support them and grow strong because they aren’t being changed by shoes all the time.

Taking Care of Little Feet

Trim Toenails Carefully

Babies nails grow surprisingly quickly, so you are going to need to trim them regularly. When you are doing this, you need to be careful to trim then straight across, ideally using special baby nail clippers for extra safety. Because their nails are more brittle than adult nails, you can be a lot more gentle than you are when cutting your own nails. Once cut, you should ensure there are no snags that could nick the baby should they scratch themselves, which is a pretty common problem with babies and young children.

Clean Carefully Between the Toes

When you’re bathing your little one, it’s very important that you take the time to carefully clean between their toes. This is something that often isn’t done as thoroughly as it should be because babies have toes that are very small and very curved and that can make getting into those spaces tough, but doing so will help to keep them fresh and avoid infection. This is so important because babies have been known to nibble on their toes and the last thing you want is for them to get sick from doing so!

Your baby’s feet will support her as she learns to walk and gain independence, so look after them well!

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