Tastier Alternatives To Boring Health Supplements

Health supplements are more popular than they’ve ever been and more people are starting to use them as part of their everyday diet. Workout supplements are very common and lots of people use vitamin tablets to make sure that they’re getting the right amount of everything. The thing is, a lot of these supplements are pretty horrible to eat or drink so it’s hard to keep up the habit of taking them. Fortunately, there are plenty of far more delicious alternatives out there if you know where to find them.

Tastier Alternatives To Boring Health Supplements
Supplements may lack nutrients a body needs that it can only get through eating certain foods. Individuals who are taking supplements may in fact not need what they are taking and what they are taking could produce adverse effects. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Airman 1st Class Daniel Brosam)

Get The Right Supplements

Even though a lot of the protein shakes and other health drinks out there don’t live up to the chocolate or strawberry flavor that they advertise on the packet, there are some out there that actually taste great. Le-Vel shakes are one of the best companies on the market because they offer shakes that are packed full of goodness and come in a range of delicious flavors as well. Check out these le-vel reviews to see just what they’ve got on offer. Spending a bit of time to find better quality health supplements that get the flavor right makes it far easier to keep up with taking them.

Go Outside

Tastier Alternatives To Boring Health Supplements - Go Outside

One of the biggest deficiencies that people use health supplements to combat is Vitamin D. Our main source of vitamin D is the sun but most of us spend a large portion of our day inside at work, only to drive home and stay inside some more. If you added up how many hours a day you spent outside you’d probably be surprised at how low it is. If you don’t want to keep taking vitamin supplements all the time, just make an effort to go outside more. Walk instead of driving where possible and spend lunch breaks at work outside.

Fruit And Vegetables

Now that we’ve got so many different supplements available to us, people are thinking less about their diet. Often, the fact that they can just take a supplement to get their vitamins means that people will eat badly and then just top themselves up with supplements. That’s not an ideal way to eat and it’s far better to just eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. It’s a lot tastier than just eating tablets all day long. People that are too reliant on supplements are often likely to eat a high carb diet and then get their nutrients artificially. That means they’re missing a lot of fibre and protein from their diet. By eating good food instead, you get all of that at the same time.


Tastier Alternatives To Boring Health Supplements - Nuts

Nuts are a great source of the protein that you usually find in meat which is far less healthy for you, and they’re also packed full of nutrients and fibre. They have a very high Magnesium content which is absolutely vital for a strong immune system and it improves your heart health as well. You’ve got to be careful with nuts though, they do contain quite a high level of fat and although it’s unsaturated, that doesn’t mean you can eat as many nuts as you like.

Supplements portray themselves as a quick fix for all your health needs and although they can be beneficial as part of a balanced diet, it’s best to use some of these alternatives instead.

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