Tech Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus from IGotTech Review

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IGotTech Review

As you may already know, my dear Man Thing broke down and bought me an iPhone 6 Plus for Christmas this year. I have wanted an iPhone of any sort for years, but when I saw the iPhone 6 Plus in gold, I was finished. I was going to just die if I didn’t get one.

So I get my pretty new phone and realization sets in. Oh. My. God. Those phone cost upwards of $700 (even though we are making small payments each month through our service provider and did not pay the full amount outright) and if I let anything happen to this phone – hubby will NEVER buy me anything nice again. The first thing that I did was turn in the pretty flip case that hubby had bought me as well for an Otter Box case.

Horror stories of cracked screens or worse yet, shattered screens, making the phone completely worthless filled my brain. Remembering what happened to Jonathan’s screen on his non-iPhone phone when he dropped it had me shuddering. While the rest of my phone was protected, my screen was still vulnerable.

So I was thrilled when the gang at IGotTech asked me if I would like to review their TruClear Shatterproof Glass screen protector. Check out all the awesome that comes with:

  • The New Tech Shield gives you full edge-to-edge screen face coverage so you can scratch and scuff your iPhone screen to your heart’s content and never worry. (I’m famous for just throwing my phone in my purse with all the pens and zippered compartment bags just rattling all around and scratching everything up)
  • The part I love the best – almost NO FINGERPRINTS, NO SMUDGES and easy wipe screen that cleans in an instant! Seriously – my biggest pet peeve is a smeared, smudged, riddled with a thousand fingerprints screen on ANY of my devices – phone, tablet, computer – anything. I would have bought this personally just for the no fingerprints and no smudges selling point alone!
  • The TruClear Shatterproof Glass is almost impossible to detect once it’s in place.
  • Super easy to install – they even give you a fun and easy “like a pro” installation video!
  • They really do uphold their 100% Shatterproof Guarantee too!

After I installed my Tech Shield on my iPhone 6 Plus, it was just so nice and clean that I didn’t want to put my Otter Box case back on – so I didn’t. I ran around town for a few days with it “naked” and just the screen protector on and yup, sure enough, the inevitable happened. The phone slipped out of my hand when I was attempting to get in the car and fell face first on to the parking lot pavement. I almost cried.

I picked up my phone, and the only damage on it anywhere was the screen protector. It had cracked in the upper left corner (which hit the pavement first) and had a few other little dings here and there. My iPhone 6 Plus screen had nothing wrong with it – no scratches, no dings, perfect condition.

I let the company know what happened, and within days I had a new one in the mail. If you don’t want a replacement screen, they will give you a FULL refund. This is one company where your satisfaction with a product truly IS their #1 priority!

The one and only suggestion I would make to improve the Tech Shield is to make it just the slightest bit larger to truly fit edge-to-edge on the face of my iPhone 6 Plus screen. Due to the way my particular Otter Box case is designed (with two layers) I have to be extremely careful when putting the case on to be sure that the rubber seal for the Otter Box goes over the screen protector and stays in place until the hard case is clipped on. Otherwise, it can pull the corner of the screen protector up and cause an air bubble or two to get in between.

I know, you’re wondering where you can pick up this bit of awesome for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus too! Check it out on Amazon – Premium HD Shatterproof Glass Technology Keeps the Sexy On & the Scratches Off Your Apple iPhone Screen! or you can click here!

Do you have an IGotTech Tech Shield for your iPhone? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on yours!


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