Technological Advancements to Fight Fires & Natural Disasters

When I think about a natural disaster, my mind immediately goes to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and forest fires. They happen suddenly and leave nothing as it was before. One thing that scares me more than anything though? Fire.

natural disaster

Years ago, before the technological advances we have now, fire-fighting was done through bucket brigades. Not only was it ineffective, but it put many people in close proximity to the fire, causing many to lose their lives.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways technology has advanced to make fire-fighting safer for all involved and to assess damages afterwards.

The Use of Drones

Drones are a wonderful tool that firefighters use for many functions. Drones that provide heat maps of an area, such as those provided by Omniviewtech, can give law enforcement and firefighters the advantage of finding individuals who may be trapped inside a house. Drones are capable of providing the whole picture of an area to emergency personnel and allowing them to quickly determine the safest way in and out to rescue those trapped inside.

Remote Video Inspections

Fighting a forest fire requires the skills and expertise of many individuals. Providing those team members with the capability to view, discuss, and make suggestions about what they are seeing on their cellular device, laptop, or conference room monitor is vital.

Remote inspections are a concept used mostly at an industrial level, but the capabilities of this technology are far and wide. A field inspector simply connects a legacy NDT or RVI testing device to the collaboration hub which then shares live visuals to off-site experts to diagnose the status of equipment, review processes, and assess environmental conditions. The legacy devices can include anything from a camera, ultrasound device, video borescopes, thermal imaging, and more.

Teams can also record an Onsight remote visual inspection for internal training purposes. This ability to create, access and share content with off-site experts from virtually any legacy NDT or RVI camera provides a comprehensive and collaborative remote inspection experience.

Flame Retardant Products

We have made great strides in ensuring that many of the products used in building our homes, construction, industrial projects – even the very clothing that we wear – is flame retardant to some degree.

Pounds of Plastic is one such company leading the way in providing flame retardant and other safety materials for a wide variety of projects. They have their products classified on the basis of the resin compound used in a particular product and can provide you with a variety of options for whatever project you are working on. Products that contain organic heat stabilizers, flame retardants, and are reinforced with a variety of different compounds depending on your project go a long way in ensuring that you meet all building requirements and standards of safety in the event of a fire.

While we hope you never have an up-close-and-personal experience with a natural disaster, we hope that it gives you some comfort that technologically advancements have been made to give you the fastest and safest recovery methods possible to ensure your health and the health of those working to assist you.

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