Teenagers, Cell Phones, and Virgin Mobile

Let’s face it, if you have a tween or a teen in the house, I’m 1,000% positive that they’ve begged for a cell phone at one point or another. Mine have been bugging the living snot out of me since they were about 9 years old! 

In today’s world, being connected is a must. Our schools allow our children to use their cell phones to download apps that can help them in class, download algebraic calculators that can be used in class. The teachers send homework reminders via an app called “Remind” that tells them exactly what their assignment is and when it is due. (A definite plus for my scatterbrained boys!)

Cell phones also allow them the freedom to have a social life with their friends – even if they are stuck at home cleaning their rooms! What worries me, as a parent, is just what they do on their phones. Are they being responsible? Are they being respectful? 

I had the opportunity to review the Virgin Mobile Custom Plan – and I’ll be telling you about our experience with that next week – but I wanted to share this infographic with you. I know that a lot of kids have their fingers crossed for a phone under the tree this year, and parents are worried about choosing the right option. Check out this infographic below and I think you’ll see exactly why Virgin Mobile Custom Plan is the right option for your tween or teen.

Virgin Mobile Infographic

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