Testing Your Team – Why Team Building Events are Valuable for SMEs

There is something special about small and medium-sized enterprises aka SME’s. Perhaps it is a family run business, a startup, or a local provider that is enriching the community. SME’s have that DNA of genuine connection and integrity that larger businesses find it harder to sustain if they ever had it at all. That’s why it is so important to foster these attitudes in SME businesses so that the staff feels the same way about each other as they do about the business. Find out why team building events should be high on your agenda, and set about putting them into practice. Here are some valuable benefits you can expect from team-building events.

It Unifies

When you decide to pursue team building with Latitude Air, you can expect to find a team that is more connected to one another. Connection is a driver for all of us, and without it, we are just going through the motions. This will lead to personal connections, but it also has the commercial benefit of your team wanting to prop one another up with support at work. Your SME work environment will be more pleasant for all if there is a genuine undertone of friendship and camaraderie – with benefits that you simply cannot buy. Introduce some team building events and activities to your SME team, and start the process of building a strong and unified team that will look after your business.

It Increases Retention

What is your rate of retention at your SME business? If you are not sure, it might be worth looking into. Low retention can have a series of negative ripple effects on your SME business, which impacts your internal and external environment. It sends a message to the rest of your team that perhaps this isn’t a great working place, and puts the pressure on the remaining team members to train up and induct what feels like a revolving door of staff. It also gives your customers and clients the idea that this isn’t a stable business if even the staff cannot stick around. Team building events will remedy retention, and depending on what you choose to do – you could even position these events as a perk to attract new talent. Familiarity and comfort come with strong retention and will be felt by internal and external stakeholders.

It Builds Business Engagement

Business engagement is the bones of an SME business. Without it, your business will be swallowed whole by a bigger fish, or you will feel the back-breaking burden of being the only one who cares if your business is in the green or red. Team building will build business engagement, as the team will value the investment you are placing in them. Team building is the start, but you will also have to start entrusting your team with decision making responsibilities to build engagement even further. Imagine the passion your team will bring to problem-solving and creative thinking if they feel safe in an environment in which they can express their unique views and experiences.

Build Your Team

Your team building events don’t need to be A list affairs, they just have to include each member of your SME team. Try one and get a feel for the group, and what activities you think they will enjoy the most. A good place to start is a whole team activity followed by a meal to discuss the activity, and their own personal interests. Unity, retention and engagement are going to be your best assets against a changing market and larger competitions – so don’t skimp out on building these values within your team.

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