The 5 Best Ways to Calm an Angry Dog

Dogs are usually amiable, love-to-play and highly-spirited animals as they love to spend time with the owners be it on a walk, play in an open field or just relaxed with them but sometimes, this is not the case. Just like all other living beings, dogs also get angry and hostile and can attack others. In such a situation, calming your pet down is the most crucial thing as it will respond to your body language, every gesture and voice pitch.

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Over the years, there have been several methods being developed to calm your dog down when he is angry, there are some old school methods like putting on the leash, or with hand gestures and then there are modern means like controlling them with the electronic collars. The small size dogs, when getting angry, are hard to control; hence, under advanced techniques like the small dog training collars are the best available option for you. These collars are perfect for your domestic as well as small size hunting dog, as they are developed keeping in mind the attitude, stubbornness, and behavior of the dogs and they are medically tested and safe.

Following are the five best ways to calm your dog down, when he is angry:

1.    Train Your Dog

The first significant step is to train your dog properly so that he can identify the reasons, thigs and issues which make him angry. With the help of PetSafe 900 Yard Remote Trainer electronic collar, you can train your dog with this collar’s gentle stimulations-perfect for small dogs-and keep him calmer for a longer time of periods.

2.    Recognize the body language of your dog:

The second major universal step is to try to understand the body language of your dog and with Educator ET-300 Mini electronic collar, you can not only understand but also control the body language of your dog helping your calm him down. With its Control of Stimulation (C.O.S) and Booster function, you can quickly calm your dog down.

3.    Minimize the source of anger

After understanding the body language, you have to look for the reason of his anger and then simply minimize it. With E-collar Dogtra 280C Remote Dog Training Collar, you can train your dog stay away from such sources, and if he still does, you can calm him down with Dogtra 280C’s 127 correction levels.

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4.    Distract Your Dog

To distract your dog, you can use SportDOG SD-425 Field Trainer electronic collar as you can take him out to play with 500 Yard range and keep an eye on him with its Alternative Correction. Through this lightweight collar and its stimulation, your dog will be distracted somewhat, and you can let him play while keeping an eye on all of his movements.

5.    Keep a Close Eye on Your Dog

Keeping a close relation and eye on your dog will let you know the reasons he gets angry, and PetSafe SMART DOG Trainer is the best choice because, through this e-collar, you can keep an eye on your dog with your smartphone, and also can train him with the tip of your fingers.

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