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In the current day and age, there is certainly a varied selection of devices available for individuals with hearing difficulties to choose between. Technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years and this has allowed people to benefit from much better devices in relation to an array of different features. This encompasses everything from improved capacity to utilize modern-day products, such as MP3 players and alike, to hearing aids that are more discreet in terms of appearance. 

Nonetheless, there is one quality which evidently matters above all else, and this is the capacity to hear as clearly as possible. After all, this is what everybody utilizing a hearing device really wants. When it comes to this there is definitely one product which soars ahead of all of the others on the market today, and this is the Phonak FM device. Read on to discover why this system leads the way when it comes to giving individuals the ability to hear a lot clearer. 

The reason why Phonak FM systems boast unrivaled quality in this department is because of the innovative Dynamic FM feature. This is actually the new global standard for all of the FM systems – thus you can expect to find a clearer hearing in all of the devices sold. Nonetheless, what is this innovative feature? Well, the truth is, this is not just an upgrade; it is actually an entirely new FM technology. This should give you some indication of how monumental this feature is. It is based on entirely new software, a new processing chip, and new algorithms. Innovation at its finest! 

So, how does the Dynamic FM feature actually help? It proves its worth when in extremely challenging listening situations. When you contrast the new Phonak FM system with previous FM systems you will see the massive difference. The new Dynamic FM feature improves the signal to noise ratio by over 15 dB. In fact, this is raised to a massive 25 dB when it comes to hearing instruments alone. This should signify the massive leap that has been made by FM. Your performance benefits are colossal. Nevertheless, you should learn more about your specific type of hearing loss before you go forward. An audiologist will always know best about what is right for you.

The good news is; the Dynamic FM feature is not the only innovation found within the Phonak FM systems. Many people would argue that it is the most beneficial. However, there are plenty of other fantastic features for you to take advantage of as well. This encompasses the following; MultiTalker Network (MTN), External Audio Input, SoftLanding Technology, and Bluetooth. The latter obviously allows individuals to connect to gadgets offering Bluetooth. SoftLanding Technology uses clever technology to minimize the impact of harsh sound. External Audio Input allows transmitters to connect to any multimedia device containing audio output for headphones. And finally, MTN allows two or more speakers to be able to transmit speech. 

When you take all of these phenomenal features into account it is not hard to see why Phonak FM systems are considered the best in the industry. Their groundbreaking technology ensures that they will always bag the top spot. 

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