The Advantages of Returning to School as a Parent

Going back to school isn’t anywhere near as hard as it once was. You can study part-time, online or at local colleges. You don’t always need previous qualifications or relevant experience, and financial aid is an option open to anyone studying, not just those that have just finished high-school. In these respects, education is much more accessible than it’s ever been in the past.

It’s also more varied. Gone are the days of being limited to traditional subjects and vocational skills. Nowadays you can study almost anything to a high level. You can achieve a masters in engineering management online, or a course in web design at your local community center.

Returning to School as a Parent

There are options for everyone and paths back into education everywhere.

But, what about parents? Surely, once you’ve had children the only education that you’ll ever need to worry about is theirs. Well, this isn’t the case anymore either. More mothers than ever are returning to work once they’ve had their children, with many of them looking for a career change that could require further knowledge. Some moms who have dedicated themselves to raising their children and supporting their husbands and had put their education on hold are returning to college as well. Like the hit movie, Life of the Party, they are turning regret into reset by going back to college to finish their educations, and may even end up attending college with their kids!

When it comes to education, having kids can make things harder. You’re less flexible, you get less free time to study, and you might face childcare nightmares along the way. But, you also have some natural advantages. Let’s take a look at them.

You’re Organized

Many parents spend most of their life feeling horribly unorganized. There’s always somewhere to be and something to do. The house is a mess, the kids’ stuff is everywhere, and you’ve got no idea what you are doing from one day to the next. But, you’re probably a lot more organized than you realize. Without knowing it, you’ll have gotten used to juggling plates and schedules and making everything work. These are skills that are very useful if you are returning to school.

You Time Manage Well

Without looking at a clock you know how long your kid has been on their tablet, you know when dinner needs to be in the oven, and you know exactly how long it is to bedtime. You’ll have learned to manage your time exceptionally well. You’ll be able to fit your own needs into small amounts of time, around looking after everyone else. Another important skill when it comes to studying.

You’re Good at Extracting Information

As a parent, you are constantly inundated with information. Teachers, doctors, and your children themselves are constantly bombarding you with information. Over time you get very good at pulling out the parts you need and letting the rest wash over you. This will save you a lot of time as a student.

You’ll Appreciate It

One of the problems many students have at 18 is that they don’t really know what they want to do for the rest of their lives, so they don’t appreciate the opportunities open to them. When you’re a little older, and you’ve got responsibilities, you know what you want from life, you appreciate things more, and so you put more effort into them.

So, if you’ve got kids, no matter how old, and want to start a degree, either online or in school, don’t feel that you can’t. You’ve got a lot of key skills that could come in very useful along the way. Go for it!

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