The Anti-Bullying Effect of Homeschooling

Like it or not, children learn a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic in school.  One major side effect of attending a traditional school is that students learn from each other.  This can range from opinions about certain things to how to treat others.  Simply to fit in, some students may pick on others that are deemed “different.”  Online homeschooling gives parents the chance to save their children from this treatment as well as teach them respect for others.

The Anit-Bullying Effect of Homeschooling

Removing Children From a Bad Situation

Sometimes, no matter what a child does, he or she gets bullied.  It could be for the way they look, what they believe or simply because they study and ask questions in class.  This bullying can affect the quality of the child’s education.  He or she may withdraw, not be his or herself, or not try as hard just to avoid getting picked on.  Online homeschooling programs such as FutureSchool provide parents a way to keep their children out of these situations.  Children can be themselves.  If they need help, they won’t need to fear asking for it, and these programs have online tutors available 24/7.  As a result, they can develop self-confidence and flourish.

Avoiding Peer Pressure

There is a lot of pressure on students to fit in with certain groups.  This often means adopting the beliefs of that specific group.  These beliefs may include that students who are different from that group are weird, and therefore deserve ridicule.  Even if a student doesn’t think this behavior is appropriate, he or she may go along with it anyway. It could go exactly the opposite way though and cause a teen to commit suicide. One is six high school students seriously considers suicide, while one in 12 makes an attempt.  Homeschooling eliminates this negative pressure.

Setting an Example

Children learn by example.  ELearning classes let parents model the behaviors they want to see their children exhibit as they follow a curriculum similar to what would be taught in public school.  Children don’t receive mixed messages between the school setting and the home setting.  These children will then never be confused about how to treat others.

Bullying is a huge problem in many public schools.  With online homeschooling programs like FutureSchool, parents can remove their children from a potentially dangerous situation or prevent their child from becoming the problem while still giving them a quality education in the safety of their own home.

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  1. My parents home schooled me (per my request!) and although I wasn’t bullied too badly in school– it did create an entire new world for me. I conversed much more appropriately with adults than my peers and actually ended up going to college when I was 16 as a Dual Enrolled student. There is so much value to home schooling and this is most certainly one of the biggest for many people. Love it!

    • I am becoming a believer the more that I research homeschooling and the benefits of it. I think that for his junior and senior years that very well may be the route that we go with Jonathan for him to complete the remainder of his schooling. We shall see!

  2. You touch on alot of good points in how home schooling can prevent a child from being bullied. I would love if all my grand children could be home schooled. However, with work schedules and other conflicting events this is not possible. It is terrible what some children are going through at school..a place that should be a “safe” place for them. In today’s world that is not the has become a place where locker checks..police dogs sniffing out drugs..and guns being brought to school by children among other weapons.. a place where we have lock downs..and the doors are always locked after the start of school. Drills for what to do in an actual shooting ..a place where God can not be mentioned openly..where anything can offend the point you dont know what to say anymore..It is a terrible shame ,the things that go on in schools today. Being Bullied seems to be the lesser of the evils sometimes. My older grand children have been bullied at different times..and it was worked out between them and the bullies..My younger grand children are in Kindergarten..I worry what they will be exposed to in the coming years. I do know there will be a lot of open conversation so they know that there is never anything that can not be talked about and rectified in some way.

    • I know exactly what you mean @disqus_3u6wUuEx4P:disqus – it’s one of the topics up for discussion in the upcoming newsletter. All three of my children have been through stages of bullying – as I was myself – some more harsh than others. The only way to correct the problem is to come together as a community and talk the issues out and work on a solution together. Otherwise I fear that in 20 years from now, there will be no public schools for our children to attend and school will be done online for everyone – whether they can learn in that manner or not.

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