The Apex Device Is Putting An End to Leaky Hoohas

We are going to have a frank and honest discussion about the spritzes and a leaky hooha today. Why? For one, it is something that I have dealt with personally for more years than I care to admit and secondly, because InControl Medical has a product that can end your spritzes.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article by InControl Medical. All opinions; however, are completely my own and based on my own experiences.

I’ve written about bladder leakage and incontinence before on the blog, telling you about the really nice women’s undergarments and the #DropYourPants movement that I was a part of. I am happy to inform you that InControl Medical is making the need for such garments obsolete! See just how below!

What IS Bladder Leakage?

If you’ve got it, you know it. It is a common problem for approximately one-third of the female population – over 200 million people worldwide, both men and women, suffer from some varying degree or severity of bladder leakage. If you have a bit of leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise – then your body is telling you in no uncertain terms that you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

When I had my first child, almost 27 years ago, the first thing that I remember the nurse telling me as I held my newborn daughter was do your Kegel exercises every day or you will regret it later. I had to have her explain to me what a “Kegel exercise” was then – and now I wish I had listened to her and continued to do them even after the postpartum period.

The Female Pelvic Floor Diagram

Dr. Arnold Kegel developed and began recommending in 1948 that women exercise their pelvic floor to strengthen the muscles that hold the vagina, uterus, and bladder in place. See, the pelvic floor muscles act like a hammock to hold these organs in place. If you lose that muscle tone – either from multiple child births or age – it can have some very negative effects on your health. Not just bladder leakage, although that is usually the first symptom of a more serious condition, but issues such as pelvic organ prolapse where those organs literally “fall out” and begin to protrude outside the body. NOT something that you want to deal with.

According to the National Institutes of Health, like me, only about 50% of women suffering from incontinence ever try to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles – and only half of them actually do the Kegel exercises correctly! Honestly, they aren’t that effective either – at least they weren’t for me. In order for you to get muscle tone, you must have resistance. What kind of resistance do you have ‘down there’ that would help make them beneficial? Nothing – until now.

Apex – The Trans-Vaginal Device that Works

In the past 67 years we’ve had many technological advancements – air conditioning, cell phones, space shuttles – and Apex. Specifically designed by a medical company, InControl Medical, Apex specializes in strengthening the pelvic floor muscle naturally and quickly. It addresses the weak pelvic floor muscles at the source – the pelvis. This device gets to the muscles in the most direct way. Apex inflates inside the vagina to place muscle stimulation contacts directly on to the pelvic floor muscle walls. This inflation feature provides active resistance to build real muscle and build it quickly. The muscle stimulation contacts make even weak muscles contract so every woman can benefit. Apex guarantee’s that the correct muscles are being exercised every time. Dr. Kegel had a great idea, Apex makes it work. Watch the video to see how it works:

Amazing, right? 5 to 10 minutes a day for 6 days a week until your bladder leakage is gone. Use Apex once a week afterwards to keep your pelvic floor muscles toned. This is the most advanced device ever developed to rebuild pelvic floor muscle strength and it’s yours to use as often as needed to stay healthy and dry.

Your Pads Are Killing the Planet

Okay, a bit dramatic perhaps but they truly are! Did you know that it takes up to 500 years to decompose a bladder leakage pad? Not only that, they do nothing to address the underlying problem, and the average woman will spend $50,000 in her lifetime on pads – and you will still be dealing with incontinence. Wouldn’t you rather just have your hooha go back to being spritz-free?

Apex gives you a strong healthy pelvic floor again so that pads are no longer needed and an unnecessary inconvenience and cost is done away with! Thousands of women have already used Apex through their physician’s office. It has now been cleared for sale over the counter directly to consumers.

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