The Baby Gifts New Moms Actually Want To Receive

Has a friend or close relative just had a new baby? That’s excellent news; I bet you are so happy for them! Now you just need to think of a great present that you can gift to the little one. You might be a bit stuck when it comes to present ideas, especially if you don’t have any of your own children. After all, what exactly does a newborn baby and their mom want?!

Well, there’s no need to pull your hair out trying to think of a brilliant gift. Here are some of my tip ideas for all the baby presents that new moms actually want to receive.

Baby Clothes

It’s true that lots of other people will also be gifting the new mom and newborn some baby clothes, but you can never have too many clothes for your little ones! They grow so quickly at that age, that your friend or relative might find that some clothes only last for a couple of weeks. When you do buy some baby clothes, go for ones that are a size or two bigger than what the baby needs right now. That way, they will grow into them and the clothes will last for longer!

Blankets And Swaddles

And just like clothes, babies can never have too many blankets and swaddles. A baby blanket will come in useful in a number of situations. It can keep a child warm in its crib and its mom can wrap it up in it whenever she takes it out in its stroller. It can also be used as an emergency changing mat when mom can’t quite reach the mat! Similarly, swaddles are also a godsend for many moms as they can help quieten down and soothe a crying child.

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When I say books, I mean books for both mom and baby. Picture books and children’s stories will come in as the child grows up and starts to ask for a bedtime story every night. But it’s also a good idea to gift a few books to mom as well. These will come in really handy during the midnight feeds. Staying awake in the middle of the night to feed the baby can be slightly boring. If she can reach for a book then she will find the time passes a lot quicker and, before she knows it, she’ll be done with the feeding and back in bed!

Some Cute Non-Necessities

It’s nice to get mom and baby some practical gifts, but I’m sure they will both appreciate some really cute non-necessities as well. For instance, some keepsakes that commemorate the birth of the baby can be kept as cute mementoes. You might also like the idea of getting mom some treats that she can spoil and pamper herself with. After all, she really will deserve all these lovely treats!

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Hopefully, one of the gift ideas in this list will jump out and grab your attention. I’m sure the new mom in your life will love it!

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