The Benefits of a Pearly White Smile and How to Get One!

The state of our teeth can really affect the overall appearance of our face. Heavily discolored teeth can add years, while white teeth can restore some of that youthful glisten we all secretly (or, not so secretly!) want. Luckily for us, highly regarded teeth-whitening brand Pearly Whites has a whole range of at-home, DIY whitening products to help us achieve the fresh, white, sparkling smile we want. Here are some great reasons to give your teeth some TLC.

Beautiful Teeth Are a Confidence Booster

Everyone should feel comfortable enough to smile! Smiling and laughing makes life so much more enjoyable. However, sometimes our teeth can really put a damper on our confidence. Just like bad skin can make us want to cover our faces with make-up, discoloured teeth can make us want to grin with closed mouths, rather than beam widely and proudly.

The team at Pearly Whites understands that our teeth can really affect how we feel, so they’ve taken the initiative and given us a perfect solution! The Coconut and Charcoal Whitening Strips are a perfect choice for beginners, as they are easy and fuss-free to use.

Glam Teeth Provide an Incentive to Follow Strict Oral Care Routines

Let’s say you’ve just bought a new pair of shoes. You love them. They are brand new, shiny, and get looks of admiration and envy each time you wear them. You’re likely to look after these shoes as carefully as you can, right? Well, the same goes for teeth!

If you have invested your time and money in a teeth-whitening kit, (no matter how affordable), you are more likely to take care of your teeth so you can preserve your gorgeous new smile. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional check-ups are the best way to preserve your movie-star grin.

Of course, grown adults don’t need an incentive to take care of their teeth…but why not use it as an excuse to treat yourself?! You can also treat your loved one, friend, or roommate to a white smile too, so you can enjoy the experience together. Pearly Whites has a special “Best Friends Pack” for this very purpose.

White Teeth Can Take Years Off

There’s nothing shameful about aging – I’m proud to be 50-years-young – but that doesn’t mean that I want to LOOK like I’m 50! You do not need to alter your face to maintain your unique beauty as you transition from youthful to mature. However, wanting to keep your fresh, vibrant, eye-catching smile as age catches up to you is completely understandable…and doable!

White teeth can make you appear younger and more vibrant, without compromising your graceful, wrinkle-embracing efforts (wrinkles are beautiful!). When people notice how young you are looking, you can truthfully say, “oh, thank you! It’s all natural…”, because technically, you haven’t “changed” a thing, you’ve just given your teeth a bit of a…polish, if you will.

How to get a show stopping smile with Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites is a safe and certified teeth-whitening brand, trusted by customers (check out these before and after shots!). The key ingredient is carbamide peroxide, which is the same ingredient as many professional dentists use to whiten their patient’s teeth. Their range of DIY teeth-whitening products come with comprehensive instructions to ensure a safe and successful whitening process. Give it a go…you’ll be smiling brightly in no time.

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