The Benefits of Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident

Singapore is well-known among Asian countries. Though the city-state is small compared to other countries, it has a lot to offer both foreigners and locals.

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The state has established itself into not only being a tourist destination, but also an economic hub. Each year, many foreigners flock to the country because of the many opportunities it has.

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If you are looking for a country to relocate to in Asia, Singapore is among the best places. The mainland of Singapore measures 50 kilometres (31 miles) from east to west and 27 kilometres (17 miles) from north to south with 193 kilometres (120 miles) of coastline.

Various programs allow others from different countries to gain permanent residency. Below are the benefits that one will get from becoming a permanent resident of Singapore.

Good Business Environment

Among the many things that Singapore is known for is the ideal environment to start and conduct different businesses. Unlike most countries, both locals and foreigners can easily start an enterprise with minimal hurdles. The country has set up rules and regulations that have supported the establishment of businesses. It takes about three days to register a business. 

Since there is little to no corruption, registering a company is simple and fast. There is fair competition between different companies and everyone has a chance to succeed while in the country. With a permanent residency, you can be sure to create wealth by starting a business. Many may find it challenging to get a Singapore permanent residence. Visit this site to learn more about what you need to know to increase your chances of getting a PR.

Job Opportunities

Singapore is considered an economic powerhouse with many sectors that are doing well. There are many job opportunities in the country. This explains the reason why many people go to the country to seek employment. The unemployment rate in Singapore is very low compared to most countries.

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Through the Ministry of Manpower, the Singaporean government has put measures in place to ensure that her citizens and permanent residents are prioritized when it comes to getting employed. With the right qualifications, you can get a higher paying job while in the country. In addition to those with permanent residence being prioritized when seeking employment, their spouses who have a long-term visa pass will find it easy to get a job.


Singapore is considered one of the safest places to live in. The country has recorded low crime rates. It has enjoyed political stability for many years now, which has ensured that security is maintained. Becoming a permanent resident in a country is a huge move, and it usually means that you are planning to stay in the given state for a long period. The locals are known to be friendly. You will enjoy your stay in the country with no worry about your safety. The city-state has a strong tourist industry as there is plenty of beautiful scenery and interesting places to visit.

the benefits of becoming a singapore permanent resident


Singapore is well-developed with an established public transport system and infrastructure. Many visit Singapore with the sole purpose to marvel at the great architecture. Though Singapore may be considered expensive to live in, it offers more than meets the eye. The country also has world-class health facilities and a good education system.

I don’t know about you – but I’m ready to make a move to this tiny country with so much to offer!

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