The Benefits of Using Animation in the Education System

Our education system is of utmost importance because it is educating the youngsters of today and tomorrow, shaping the future leaders of our world. It has been a topic of discussion that the traditional means of education are failing today’s generation and are less and less effective. They are growing with a different sense of creative freedom which our education system does not embrace and utilize but rather is taken from them.

One solution debated is the implementation of animation in the classroom. Think about your student. What do they seem to gravitate towards in their down time? They watch and share memes, gifs, videos from their social media channels or they are creating them for their friends to share. 

Now imagine the benefits of using animations in the classroom and how every student could benefit from having a Spiel type animations used to explain complex rather challenging concepts and principles in a completely new light? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, as we look at some of the benefits that come with this sort of implementation. This is not only a demonstration of how animation can be used to better educate students, but also why parents need to push this and help make it a thing.


Communication is the most important skill that needs to be nurtured if students and learners are to properly accumulate knowledge but also be able to convey their own. Through animation, kids can learn how to more efficiently communicate and that’s a very important aspect. Presentation skills are very important because they help you better put your point of view into perspective. People that have great ideas but don’t know how to present them to an audience are pretty much the same as those that don’t have great ideas at all. Through animation, students can learn how to properly present their vision to a public.

Collaboration and Meeting in the Middle

Animations present information in a visual medium that has not been prior explored for education, not at an advanced level anyway. It can also be a means for parents, teachers and students to meet in the middle and better get across the main focus, which is the learning material. There are so many useful things that students don’t bother learning because of the boring, dull and unattractive way in which it is presented to them. I know I would much rather watch an animated video about neanderthals coupled with visiting a museum over reading chapter after chapter in a history book. Animation can change that and improve student’s capacity of retaining interest.

Creativity and Self-Expression

Being able to put a personal twist on whatever they are doing, students will benefit tremendously from animation. Learning how to use this vehicle to self-express them is something that is very hard to find today, and it will be an invaluable tool towards harnessing not students but individuals.

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