The Best Anniversary Ideas to Take Your Relationship to a New Level

Life can get busy, and it’s easy to let your anniversary zip by without much fanfare – and quite possibly land you in the dog house and on the couch! However, celebrating an anniversary is essential for the health of your relationship. Here are some ideas to help you take the ho-hum out of your anniversary and keep your romance fire lit!

anniversary portrait

Give a Jaw-Dropping Gift

Anniversary Band

An anniversary band is a heartfelt token of your love. The perfect band for your anniversary should be something your partner loves, especially if it marks a particular year, such as your 25th.

Custom Portrait

If you have a cherished wedding photograph, have an artist turn it into a hand-painted picture. It’ll make the perfect conversation piece for your home.

Framed Song Lyrics

Do you remember the first song you danced to when you were young? If you have your own couple’s tune, turn it into art. Type the lyrics on paper, use coloring and formatting, and frame it.

travel push pin map

Pushpin Map

If you and your partner love to travel, buy a map and decorate it with pushpins that record all your past destinations. Frame it and hang it up and keep extra pushpins to mark future trips.

Make Your Getaway

Scenic Day Trip

Consider taking a drive to a restaurant or winery; you don’t get to often. Choose a place that serves fantastic wine or your favorite cuisine.

romantic train trips for anniversaries

Train Trip

Train travel can seem like a luxury, so book a train trip to a fun destination. Many companies offer trips that take you through picturesque scenery.

Hometown Tourism

If you’re short on vacation money, explore your city. Schedule a tour of a museum you’ve never visited or dine at a new restaurant. Book a room at a swanky local hotel if you want to see your town from a tourist’s perspective.

Wine and Painting Classes

Nurture each other’s artistic side and enjoyment of good wine. It doesn’t matter if neither of you is naturally artistic. The experience can still be relaxing and fun, and you’ll both walk away with an anniversary keepsake.

Romantic Evening at Home

No-Screen Dates

Make your evening more relaxed by putting away the devices—Cook dinner with some soft music in the background. Play a board game while sipping an excellent wine. You’ll enjoy your time much more without technological distractions.

romantic breakfast in bed anniversary

Lazy Anniversary

This can be your day to relax and forget about all your obligations. Have breakfast in bed or prepare an elaborate brunch with mimosas. Watch a romantic movie or rearrange your living room for an evening of dancing. Doing things you love together will invite intimacy and create new memories.

Special Dessert

If you only have the evening to spend, cap your anniversary dinner with a decadent dessert. Enjoy some turtle cheesecake, chocolate-covered strawberries, or any other classically romantic confectionary.

Imaginary Vacation

If you dream of spending the night in an English cottage, bring it to your home. In preparation for your anniversary, find ways to set the scene to make you and your partner feel geographically transported. Visit travel websites and blogs to get decorating ideas.

12 Anniversary Ideas to Take Your Relationship to a New Level

With a bit of imagination, and knowing what your partner loves most, will help you plan the perfect anniversary – whether you’ve been together 5 years or 50 years.

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