The Best Global Hiking Destinations and What to Bring

Although you can’t travel to any global hiking destination at the moment because of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan a trip for the future. There are beautiful outdoor spots all over the world to check out. From cascading waterfalls to desert vistas to rainforests – these destinations have it all! If you want to take your love of hiking to the next level and plan an entire vacation around it, you can use this article as a guide!

What to Pack on a Hiking Trip

Here are some essential items to pack for your outdoor trek!


A Camelbak backpack is an easy way to store water while you hike and is much more convenient to sip from compared to traditional water bottles. Choose a 100 oz. bladder so you have plenty of water on your long hikes. If you’re doing shorter hikes, you can get away with a smaller bladder, but it’s never a bad idea to have a little more than you need.


A LifeStraw is essential if you’re going to be hiking in remote areas with little opportunity to replenish your supplies on your adventure. A LifeStraw filters out dangerous bacteria and other toxins so you can drink safely from almost any body of water.

Hiking Shoes

Whether you need women’s hiking footwear or men’s hiking footwear, a great pair of hiking boots is essential for your hiking trip. If your shoes aren’t meant for hiking, you could be in for a world of pain in the form of a twisted ankle and falls. But the right hiking shoe keeps you steady and ready to take on the steepest of trails with total confidence. Choose a hiking boot that extends past your ankle for the best protection.


When you’re hiking, you’re likely building up an appetite and you start to torch calories. Top up your energy reserves by bringing along healthy snacks on your hike like granola, trail mix, and Lara Bars.

Best Hiking Destinations

Now that you have a better idea of what you should bring with you on a hiking trip, it’s time to learn a little bit about the places you can hike and explore.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Estes Park, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the wilderness of the Colorado mountains. With deer, pika, and other wild animals, you can catch a glimpse of true untamed Colorado. From rocky outcrops to grassy meadows and lakes, you can enjoy a range of landscapes and beautiful outdoor scenery. And, you can choose routes that are just a few miles to up to twenty miles. With beginner, intermediate, and expert trails, there’s something for everyone!

Kalalau Trail – Kauai, Hawaii

Located along Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast, hikers will be treated to incredible waterfalls, views of the Pacific Ocean, and access to beautiful beaches. Although the trail is steep and sometimes difficult for amateur hikers, it’s a worthwhile 22-mile out-and-back trek. Just make sure you get there early because the trail is limited to 900 daily visitors.

Lares Trek – Lares, Peru

Confident hikers can take on the Urubamba mountain range, filled with beautiful scenes of Andean culture. Along this 44-mile round-trip trek, you’ll be treated to agricultural views with farmers hand-tilling potatoes and cross the Ipsaycocha Pass, the highest point of the hike. You can also easily connect this hike to Aguas Calientes, a popular starting point to hike to Machu Picchu.

Paine Circuit Trek – Torres Pain National Park, Chile

This 80-mile loop is a less popular trek which makes it ideal for hikers who want to avoid the crowds. There are three iconic stops that deliver gorgeous views of valleys, glaciers, and ice fields. If you get tired of roughing it on the trail, you can treat yourself to a full recovery day at the luxury hotel, Tierra Patagonia.

Panorama Ridge – Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada

Experience beautiful alpine scenery dotted with wildflowers and dormant volcanos on this 18.6-mile round-trip hike through the mountains of Western Canada. Hikers will be met with the turquoise waters of Garibaldi Lake, fed from the surrounded glacial areas. You can pitch a tent and rest at the Garibaldi Lake Campground before continuing on to the next vista.

best global hiking destinations and what to bring


Creating an entire vacation around hiking is a great way to relax and unwind. Remember to pack smart and choose a destination that fits with your current fitness and skill level!

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