The Best Loungewear Sets for Home 2021

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, loungewear saw a huge boom in demand with more people spending time at home. Combining the perfect mix of comfort and relaxed style, loungewear sets have been at the top of many shopping lists for the past year and beyond. They are ideal for a chilled weekend, a day in the home office, or for a rainy afternoon, so we have put together this list of the best loungewear sets for home 2021 to help you find your next easy-going outfit.

1. Desmond & Dempsey Soleia Signature Pajama Set in Navy

Desmond & Dempsey are the purveyors of luxurious, high-quality pajama sets, so it was only right that they made it onto our list. They offer a range of beautiful sleepwear, but we love the Soleia Signature Pyjama Set in Navy. This shirt and shorts two-piece has been inspired by 1950s Monaco, with a beautiful, leafy floral and cheetah print, set against a deep navy. This contrasts perfectly against the white buttons and makes a fantastic set for a day at home. This 100% cotton set is complete with a placket-sleeved shirt and drawstring shorts with deep pockets, guaranteeing breathable relaxation every time.

2. Derek Rose Kate 7 Pyjama Set in White

Derek Rose is another leading brand in the world of sleepwear and loungewear, so every set is designed and made to the highest quality possible. With Kate 7, Derek Rose brings soft, silky jacquard to life, offering a set that keeps you both cozy and feeling fresh. This pajama set features long-leg bottoms that finish with a high-rise drawstring waist and a matching button-down collared shirt, so you can feel ‘put together’ and relaxed at the same time. We have chosen the white set because it has a formal appearance, but is still relaxed enough to invoke feelings of comfortable lie-ins and late breakfasts.

3. Rails Kellen Pyjama Set in Coal Slate

There is nothing more classic than a plaid pajama set, and Rails brings this concept to the modern-day with the Kellen Pyjama Set in Coal Slate. Luxuriously soft, breathable, and comfortable, the Kellen set features a long-sleeved button-down shirt with sleek piping detail and matching shorts with an easy drawstring waist. Both pieces of the set feature a fun, dark plaid with a pop of pink to really draw the eye add a bit of interest. By rolling up the shirt sleeves, you have the perfect outfit for a day in the home office. This iconic set promises to bring cozy comfort and style all year round, so this is a great choice.

There is no time like 2021 to update your loungewear collection and add a touch of comfort into your everyday wardrobe. If you are planning on spending a lot of time at home, have a remote job, or need something to keep you comfy over the weekend, try out one of these designer loungewear sets and see how they can upgrade your comfy collection.

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