The Best Places to Honeymoon in Asia

Asia is quickly becoming a paradise for honeymooners. People from all over the planet head there to visit its fascinating destinations. Here, we’ll show you the best places to honeymoon in Asia.

Mauricio. Tourism here is huge. This precious island is so exotic that everyone that goes there is impressed. They say that a honeymoon should be full of picturesque landscapes and hills, green jungles, and seductive beaches. And, Mauricio is all of that and more. Here, you can go to the beach, practice water sports, stay in the best resorts and enjoy nature.

Bali, in Indonesia, is a location that words can’t accurately describe. From beautiful beaches to turbulent volcanoes to exuberant tropical forests, this is a delight for newlyweds.

Bali is full of art, nature, and more. Much of the western part hasn’t been explored much by tourists. If you are curious about this area or about history, it will be the perfect honeymoon spot. There are tons of memorable moments and things to do in Bali that a young couple will never, ever forget.

Phuket, Thailand. Thailand is a mix of temples, beaches, markets, and food. It’s a romantic little nest where lovebirds can safely enjoy their honeymoon. Villa Sanyanga in Phuket Thailand is a good example of the kind of luxury accommodations that make for a memorable honeymoon.

Thailand is known as the country of smiles, and is a very colorful place. The Buddhist temples, the colorful taxis and tuk-tuks, and orange clad monks make it a destination that is almost out of this world.

With ancient ruins, green jungle, and turquoise waters with white sand, you can’t miss Thailand!

Malaysia. This has one of the best jungles of all of Asia. If you like wildlife, then this should meet your expectations. The capitol, Kuala Lumpur has some great and surprising attractions up its sleeve.

Malaysia offers two different experiences: the peninsula, and the Island. The peninsula is a mix of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian flavors, with an efficient and modern capital. It is said that some of the best food in Asia is found here, where the flavors fusion to create food not typical to one single place – a mix of Malaysia, China, and India and all their tradition and flavor.

The island is a jungle full of orangutans and remote tribes, as well as interesting ruins. For those that enjoy adventure, it may be for them!

Kerala is a state sitting at the extreme south of India, and has won the title ‘’God’s Country’’. It’s one of the most photogenic countries on earth. The main tourist attractions include the beaches, mountains, such as Ponmudi and Munnar, and natural forest reserves like the Backwaters. There are lagoons, and architectural sites like the Padmanabhapuram Palace.

No matter where you choose to go on vacation, Asia is a great choice. Every country has its own ancient culture, modern culture, foods, beaches, adventures, and even luxury spots. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your honeymoon to Asia today!

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Bali. Every picture I’ve seen is so GORGEOUS!! Asia is beautiful!

  2. Omgosh the waters of Mauricio look absolutely stunning!! Ive never been very interested in seeing Asia but now I think I should!! Im not sure I could handle that long plane ride though lol!!

    • Asia has long been a bucket list destination for me Amber lol! I’ve been in love with the area for more years than I can remember. One of these days I’m going to hit the lottery and be able to travel the world and see all the gorgeous places I can only dream about and write about at the moment lol! Oh wait … I have to play the lottery in order to WIN the lottery don’t I?

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