The Best Way to Book a Villa at St. John in the Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a great place to go on vacation? Was the theme “tropical?” St. John would be an excellent choice. 

What about booking a villa there? There is the option to search Google or a similar site for “book St. John villa online,” but if you don’t find a solution there, you can do the following to try to land that villa. 


There are villas that let you set up your stay directly with them and they can post a lot of listings for you to browse through. You will be able to search by certain amenities and see if there are any discounts that can save you money. Another perk is that you can talk directly with one of the managers or owners of the villa. 

The good thing about this is that you won’t have to pay fees like some other sites. You might want to consider getting travel insurance that lets you cancel your trip without having to pay fees. That way, if something happens, you won’t be out too much money. 


OK, you struck out trying to go directly with the villas. Naturally, there is an industry that caters to helping people who may want to talk with people who live there. You can look at sites like VRBO or AirBnB to do that. 

There are some drawbacks – you aren’t guaranteed to get a great-looking place. You also have to pay more in terms of fees, which will vary depending on things like the size of the villa, how many people are going to be staying there at the time and what time of the year you will be going. The person who puts their place up for rent also has to pay a fee, so you need to keep that in mind when searching those sites. 

Hopefully, one of those two options will work out for you so that you and your family can take in the warm sunshine and look at the breathtaking blue of the ocean as you make your way around St. John to relax at one of the many stunning beaches. Perhaps you will also be able to snorkel while looking at the amazing sea life around you. Then, your stay will wind up giving you priceless memories that are worth far more than anything you paid to book the trip. 

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