The Best Ways to Protect Your Home While Traveling

When you think of a vacation, what usually comes to mind is rest, relaxation and maybe a few too many cocktails. What tends to slip the mind is the stress leading up to leaving for said holiday destination. All the packing, the constant re-purchasing of travel plugs and making sure you don’t pull a “Home Alone” and sleep in. To add to all this stress, there’s the worry of making sure your home is secure and safe. Here are the best ways to alleviate your security worries and help you to relax. 

The Best Ways to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Leave Your Key With A Neighbor

This is a great way of getting an update on your home if anxiety suddenly hits. Leaving your key with a neighbor ensures the home can be checked on and plants can be watered. It also eliminates the “have we left the stove on” worry.

Timed Lights and Electronics

Timing your lights and TV to come on in the evening gives the illusion there is someone staying in the home if being watched by opportunists. Of course, you would want to keep your electricity bill in mind, but you could also schedule a radio to come on throughout the day as well. This is really simple and easy to do, just buy a pack of plug-in timers, and set lights in different rooms of the house to come on and turn off throughout the evening.  

Window Alarms

The easiest way into a property for an intruder is obviously through doors and windows. Your main alarm system and lock will protect entrance through your door. However, in comparison, your windows are a lot less protected. Investing in some window alarms will ensure all entrances and exits are fully covered.  

Security Camera

A well-known thief deterrent, having a camera in view of anyone approaching your house is sure to ward off the opportunists. This may seem like a pricey option, however like suggests, you can’t put a price on the security of your home. The knowledge of being watched would put off even the most determined intruders. But if anything should occur – damage to the property or break in – you will have evidence of the event happening. This will help with both the insurance company and any police investigation.

House Sitting

If you still aren’t feeling worry-free with the above security measures, you may want to consider a house sitter. This could be a friend/family member, or if it’s for a prolonged period of time – say you’re travelling for a couple of months – there are professional house sitters who will come from a trusted company with references and reviews. This ensures you are completely comfortable leaving your house in the hands of a reliable individual. This also helps if you have pets and are reluctant to put them into kennels, as some house sitters will also be qualified in pet sitting too.

Following these tips will ensure it’s a vacation to remember for the fun and relaxation – not the anxious worries.

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  1. My mom has family pick up her mail and check on house every other day when she leaves. A timer helps lights look on or off daily. Good tips.

    • We do the same Jennifer – our neighbors check in on our little dog if she hasn’t gone with us and are in and out of the house several times a day and we always leave a light or two on for her as well as the television so she doesn’t feel alone. Naturally that’s just for short trips or an overnight stay somewhere. When we plan on being gone longer, we use timers to turn lights on and off throughout the house and we have our neighbors go in and feed the fish and check the interior to make sure everything is all good too! Thanks for your comment!

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