The Best Ways To Welcome Back The Love Of Your Life From The Military

the best ways to welcome back the love of your life from the military

It’s a moment that men and women all the country live in anticipation of. It feels like an eternity since you’ve seen them and now they’re coming back in the flesh. For those that have someone they love in the military, taking the separation can be hard. But helping them get back to the swing of things with their family can be challenging, too. In this article, we’re going to give you some idea of how you can make it a bit easier for both you.

Best Ways to Welcome Back a Military Member

Arranging a Welcoming for Your Military Member

It’s the period of most excitement for a lot of families. That time when you see them face-to-face. A lot of people will go all out and arrange a huge welcoming party. But, to begin with, it can simply be better just to get a banner put up. Offer to make them dinner and spend time with them. However, be aware that they may be very tired if they’ve travelled a long distance. In those instances, be considerate and let them get some rest. You have plenty of time to enjoy one another’s company.

Give Them Time to Get Back to Civilian Life

Even if they haven’t seen combat, the duties of a military life are a stark contrast from coming back to civilian life. Don’t get frustrated or annoyed with them if they have trouble getting back into the swing of things. Make sure that they know you have no expectations of what they’re supposed to do. Give them time to get used to living in the same house as you once again. If they don’t want any celebrations or a fuss being made, let them have space to enjoy their family. Tell those out-of-town visitors to wait a while.

Be Aware of Potential Changes

Again, even if they have seen combat, the military lifestyle is very different. It’s only natural that it can cause changes to the person you love as well. It might have caused changes in you and your children as well. We all have lives that shape us, particularly in our developmental years. Don’t put too much that you’re going to see all the exact same personality quirks you knew before with the same level of intimacy. They’re still the person you love, and love is being able to handle the ways we change.

Best Ways to Welcome Back the Love of Your Life from the Military

Get Reacquainted Romantically

They may not be exactly the same as when they last left you. Things can be awkward. They can feel a need to be with you at the same time needing plenty of alone periods to readjust. There is a chance that things might pick up where they once did. At the same time, you might need to take the time to build up the intimacy that’s become distant. Have dates. Go on walks together. Find time to have conversations about nothing at all. Remember that you’re both still you and find that new intimacy together.

Go Exploring Together with the Kids

As time goes on and they begin to adjust to their life back with the family, then it’s the time to find the moments the family can all bond together. Just the time to spend with one another in a new environment. Going exploring, whether it’s on a walk or on a road trip, can be a great way. You can share new sights and experiences together while rediscovering the bonds that might seem obscured at first. You can even encourage your partner to get into the new Pokemon Go fad with the kids.

Take a Break

Everyone needs a break, too. Your partner could no doubt use it. So could you! Give yourselves the chance to unwind and enjoy a fun location. Relaxing on the beach while the kids swim. Using military discounts for theme parks and other places can make it a lot easier on your bank accounts, too. As important as it is to readjust to life back at home, it’s important to get out of it as well. To start enjoying all the kinds of family experiences that they’ve missed out on their time away.

It’s a period of adjustment for everyone. In the time they’ve gone, it’s possible they, you and any kids you have might have changed. But that doesn’t mean your bond is any less important. Take it slow and build the new relationship on top of the one you already had. Make sure they have the welcome and the life they deserve. Make sure you give the same to yourself, too.  

Being a former military wife, Life in a House of Testosterone is proud to support and honor the men and women of our armed forces as well as their spouses who keep the home light burning while they are deployed. Thank you for your service to America. 

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  1. I think when we welcomed our son back to the USA we might have gone a little overboard. Wish I could go back and do it again – I do not wish for him to leave again!!

    • When it comes to our service men and women Cheryl – I don’t think there IS such a thing as going overboard lol! They deserve every bit of it and then some for all that they do! I hope your son doesn’t have to leave again either!!!!!

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