The Canny Valley of Your Old Mattress

A mattress is something purchased for the home that can be used for years, if not longer. Even when you purchase a quality mattress, however, it will eventually age and fail. The following are some common warning signs that indicate your mattress needs to be replaced. We have also included some of the risks that come from failing to replace an old mattress.

Signs That You Need a New Mattress

  1. The mattress leaves you sore or stiff in the morning. Mattresses can cause soreness when they do not have enough support. This can happen as the foam ages and breaks down or as springs do not provide the same support that they once did.
  2. You toss and turn all night or sleep and wake up unrested. If you have an old mattress, your body may struggle to get comfortable. This means that even while you sleep, you may toss and turn and get a poor night’s sleep that leaves you exhausted the next day.
  3. There are lumps in the mattress. If there is padding inside of your mattress, it will shift as the material ages. Lumps in the mattress are commonly accompanied by soreness, back pain, and difficulty sleeping.
  4. There is sagging in the mattress. When the springs or foam inside your mattress start to break down, areas of the bed may sag. If there is a lot of sagging in one particular area, you may find that you and your partner roll toward each other in the middle of the night. Another sign of sagging is an impression left over from sleeping. It is usually apparent when you get out of bed in the morning.
  5. You can sleep comfortably in other places. When you can get a peaceful night’s rest on the couch, at a hotel, or over at a friend or family member’s home, it is a sign that your mattress is the root of your sleeping problems.
  6. You have problems with allergies or difficulty breathing. Over time, mattresses accumulate dust mites, mold, and mildew. This is caused by the moisture that is absorbed while you sleep and can exacerbate allergies or conditions like asthma. You can help prevent this by purchasing a hypoallergenic mattress. Additionally, always properly air out your mattress after waking in the morning.
  7. The box spring creaks and moans. Your box spring should provide necessary support for your mattress. When it doesn’t, it causes wear and tear on the mattress. Since this can also be a sign that it is time to replace the bed itself, it is best to replace both the mattress and the box spring at the same time.

Why You Should Replace Your Mattress Once It Ages

A mattress is a big purchase, possibly costing hundreds of dollars, especially if you’re looking for something like a high-end memory foam mattress. The cost alone is enough to make some people put off purchasing a mattress until it is absolutely necessary. The problem with this is that you cannot always see all the problems that lie inside an old mattress.

Whether you have a spring or a foam mattress, neglecting to replace it in a timely manner can spell trouble. This comes in the form of poor quality of sleep, back pain, and other negative health effects. Sometimes, mold or mildew can grow in the mattress which affects breathing quality.

Even the highest quality mattresses will wear down with time. To prevent effects like poor sleeping habits, pain, and difficulty breathing, it is important to replace your mattress once you notice the signs of aging. There are plenty of online options – such as a Lull mattress – available if you don’t have time to shop in stores.

So how do you determine when you are in need of a new mattress? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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