The Demon Boy Takes 1st Place, Twice!

Just had to pass along this little tidbit, can’t believe I *forgot* about it till friggin 5PM LOL!

The Demon Boy took his super racer to the derby this morning with dad and had to compete in 4 different races. The winners of the first set then raced against each other, the winners from that group then raced each other, and then the winners from that final group raced each other to determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Well Demon Boy came in 1st Place in races #1 and #2, came in 2nd Place on race #3 and took 3rd place in the last and final race!

I was proud of him…he done good! Now the racer has been retired to its place of honor on the top shelf of the armoire (where Demon Boy and Angel Boy can’t reach and destroy!) right next to his scooner that he built for the regatta last November.

Ah Boy Scouts…don’t ya just love ’em?

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