The Dog Hates the Fish

all three fishies

Went to Azalea Aquariums today and picked up some fish for the fish tank that has been sitting empty for about a month now. We got six total – two of each. Convict fish, parrot head fish, and redhead tarato (supposedly some African Cichlid type fish that are rare – we got these which were bred by the two store fish that are not for sale and are HUGE). Sorry for the crappy picture, but I circled them so you could see the three different types.


This is what our convict fish look like. They supposedly breed like guppies so (fingers crossed) that we got a male and a female. I guess after being locked up for so long without conjugal visits I’d wanna hump like a guppy too.

parrot fish

That’s a good picture of the parrot fish I picked out. I’ve named mine Mitzy and Bitzy and no, I can’t tell them apart yet.

I couldn’t find a picture of the redhead tarato fish anywhere. Just a bunch of porn sites. I don’t think my fish are porn stars … but if they pop out with a video camera and start making a movie … I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve been talking to them when I pass by the tank. We had to get a heater for them to make sure their tank stays a comfy 80 degrees at all times, so I’ve been monitoring the temperature.


She HATES them.

Every time I walk by and talk to the fish, she jumps on the couch or the chair and starts growling … if I ignore her, she starts barking her fool head off like she’s lost her mind.

The Dog. Hates the Fish.

She’s either going to try and kill the fish tonight or piss on me in my sleep.

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