The Excuses We Use For Not Getting A Health Checkup

When did you last go for a health checkup? Not just visiting a doctor – a dentist, an optician, and an audiologist too. Go ahead and answer, we’ll wait.

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That’s what I thought. You are not alone, sadly. I usually don’t go until something is wrong either. But if you have not been for one of the following excuses like me – then let’s get off our duffs and book an appointment, pronto!

#1: I Don’t Need To Go

Okay, so you might be feeling perfectly fine. Why then, should you bother to make an appointment at all? Well, you need to know that while you might feel fine, the truth might be far different. You might have an undiagnosed condition that, if not treated early, will only get worse down the line. You would never know if you didn’t see the relevant professional, so for your personal wellbeing, make those necessary appointments now. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

#2: I Don’t Know What to Expect

If you don’t know what to expect at your appointment, then you might use this as an excuse not to go. The fear of the unknown can affect any of us, but again, if you continue to put off your appointments, you might be putting yourself at risk. Our advice? Commit to research, so if you know you need to get a hearing test, for example, use articles such as the following linked example to learn more. Do the same for any dental procedures that you know you probably need, as well as any health screenings that you are due for at your local medical practice. In most cases, you will discover that you actually have nothing to worry about, so make an effort to find out more. 

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#3: I Don’t Have The Time

What? You don’t have the time to care for your health? If you don’t make time, sorry to say it, but you might only be giving yourself less time to do what is needed to care for your health. The sooner you visit the relevant health professionals, the better. So, no matter how busy your home or work life, make an effort to book those appointments. You might even use our time-management tips to give yourself more free time in which to do so. While we appreciate that you might have a busy lifestyle, your health must always be your #1 priority. 

#4: I’m Too Embarrassed

Here’s the thing about doctors, and any other relevant health professional; they have seen it all before. So, while you might be suffering from an embarrassing health issue – spots in unusual spaces, strange smells around parts of your body, hair growing in abnormal places – you shouldn’t worry about asking for their help, no matter how embarrassed you are about your problems. As seen in our linked example, there might be underlying medical conditions that need to be treated, so you must never delay an appointment simply because you feel weird talking about those issues that are plaguing you. 

Today then, despite your excuses, make those necessary appointments if you know you are long overdue a checkup. Your long-term health might depend on them. 

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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