The Extreme Nature Trend: Going Au Naturel At Home

The planet is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Well, the people that deny it’s in trouble aren’t worrying but they’re douches! Mother earth is getting warmer, CO2 pollution is increasing, and the world is suffering as a result. Sorry about the slight apocalypse digression but it’s an important topic.

Okay, where were we?

Oh yes, this planet of ours which we call home. Wanting to do your bit to save the environment is only natural because there is only one world. And, it’s tempting to make big, grand gestures. After all, they tend to make us feel as if we are going above and beyond the call of duty. However, a going the extra mile isn’t necessary because helping the world starts at home with the extreme nature trend.

As the name suggests, it has pollution and greenery in mind, two things which are essential. Here’s how you can transform a traditional property into a glorified nature reserve.

The Extreme Nature Trend Going Au Naturel At Home - brick interior walls

Strip Back The Wallpaper

Homeowners feel as if they have to hide brick or stone underneath a cocoon of paper and paint. Nature lovers don’t have to follow suit because exposed brick or stone is incredibly natural. In fact, there isn’t anything that is much more organic than a material that comes from the earth. And, all it takes to get the look is to strip back the wallpaper and clear the paint off the walls. Sure, it’s a tedious job but someone has to do it, and there are steaming machines that can help so it ain’t all bad.

Once the brick is bare, it will give off a powerful, rugged charm that you may find in New   York loft apartments. A little hipster it may be, but it works wonders with plenty of natural light. Of course, paint is full chemicals that release into the air, so avoiding it altogether reduces your carbon footprint.

Open The Curtains

Speaking of light, let’s not downplay its role in adding natural elements to your home. As far as elements go, sunlight is without a doubt one of the most important on the planet. Barring water, there isn’t anything else that you can go without before it starts to harm your well-being. Therefore, it makes zero sense to shut it out, especially when there isn’t enough of it during the day. Thankfully, spring is here which means lighter days and less darkness, and you should embrace the change in seasons. It’s not difficult; just open the curtains or blinds.

When the windows don’t block the UV rays, they will swathe the room in light and make the house feel light and airy. The more windows there are, the better the effect will be. Remember that plants use sunlight to photosynthesize and create oxygen so this trick should lower CO2 levels in the house.

The Extreme Nature Trend Going Au Naturel At Home - bring the outdoors inside

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Obviously, there won’t be an impact on O2 or CO2 levels if there are no plants in the house. In this scenario, stale, dirty air will waft around the home without an influx of anything fresh. Houseplants are unbelievable at filtering the atmosphere, which is why there should be plenty in every room. And no – one or two token roses won’t do the trick. To really make a difference, the emphasis needs to be on quantity over quality.

If you are worried about the balance of the property, you should be strategic and place them tactically. For instance, some people like to put them in pairs as a single plant or flower can appear weird on its own. Others prefer to space them out a bit so that they don’t seem cluttered and untidy. An alternative is to use greenery as a focal point. It’s out there, but you can decorate walls with shrubs. One thing’s for sure; it will grab your attention when you walk in the room!

The Extreme Nature Trend Going Au Naturel At Home - replace flooring with wood
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Replace Flooring With Wood

Of course, the best way to create an au naturel home is to use materials that come from Mother Nature herself. We’ll get onto the likes of cotton and leather later on, but, for now, let’s focus on wood. Dead trees, although not alive anymore, are incredibly warm and cozy and instantly make you feel the Great Outdoors. The deep stain also creates a fantastic contrast and adds a level of “wow” factor. There is more to wood than meets the eye, though.

As an organic element, it’s incredible at trapping heat and preventing heat loss, which lowers energy usage. Plus, Empire Floors says they are hygienic and there is no reason to blast them with chemically-enhanced cleaners. Probably the biggest positive is that they are renewable. According to the experts, bamboo can grow between three to five feet in a year. Using it as flooring, then, is stunning and eco-friendly at the same time.

Mix Faux With Real

Genuine materials like cotton, wood and leather look beautiful in almost any setting. The problem is the price – they’re too expensive. Sure, you want to help the environment but you can’t harm your bank balance in the process. After all, saving the world does come at a cost. So, what are you supposed to do? Either go au naturel or stick with your current design trend? No, because those options are opposites. As always, there is a middle ground which is to use real materials and textures with fake ones.

The trendy phrase is “faux”, but it means not real. Still, these features are so advanced these days that they almost seem like the real deal. Think about laminate flooring as opposed to mahogany or teak. At a glance, no one will know it’s a cheaper substitute. From an eco point of view, the faux materials shouldn’t do much to harm the planet as there are still legitimate features in the home.

The Extreme Nature Trend Going Au Naturel At Home - Are you an eco-warrior with a flair for interior design? If so, we've got some tips to help you go "au naturel" at home with the extreme nature trend!

As you can see, adopting the extreme nature trend isn’t as difficult as it sounds. So, are you an eco-warrior with a flair for interior design? If so, do you think these tips will help?

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