The Glamourous Life: NYC Bar Crawl in the Upper East Side

As the most exciting city in the world, New York City has something for everyone. If you happen to be a person who loves checking out bars and pubs where everyone will know your name, the city’s Upper East Side can give you a fantastic glimpse of the glamorous life led by a select few. Now that you’re eager to start your exciting bar crawl, here’s all you need to know.

Drink, Be Merry, and Write that Novel

One of the best things about bar crawls in New York City’s Upper East Side is that many of the most popular bars and pubs used to be frequented by the world’s most famous authors. If you’ve always wanted to write the next great novel but need inspiration, do an Upper East Side literary-themed bar crawl that lets you visit some spots where such authors as John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, and Dylan Thomas pulled up a chair, had a beer or two, and pondered ideas that led to some of the best books ever written.

A Variety of Themes

When you do a bar crawl in NYC with some of your closest family and friends, one thing you’re sure to find enjoyable is having the ability to embark on numerous types of themed crawls. For example, if you love celebrating Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day at a bar surrounded by other people who are also having fun, the Upper East Side has themed bar crawls for just such occasions. 

Another great theme you can take advantage of is visiting bars and pubs that are featured in well-known television shows and movies. For a girl’s night out, a Sex and the City-themed bar crawl is always popular since it lets you visit four bars prominently featured in the iconic series.

Quick and Inexpensive

Another great thing you’ll love about NYC Upper East Side bar crawls is that most of them are able to be completed within four hours and are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of entertainment. Prices generally range from as low as $30 per person to just under $100 per person, depending on the number of bars visited during your crawl. 

As an added bonus, once you get your wristband for the evening, most of the bars you’ll visit will give you discounts on your food and drinks. While you’re eating, drinking, and making new friends, be sure you take part in various contests offered at participating bars and pubs. From trivia contests to scavenger hunts and more, you’ll have lots of fun at bargain prices.

Bootleggers and Ghosts

Should you be the adventurous type who loves to experience things that go bump in the night and what it was like back in the days of Prohibition, Upper East Side bar crawls will also take you to various spots in the city that are filled with stories of bootleggers, ghosts, and plenty more. 

You’ll get to hear ghost stories about supposedly haunted bars, tour a bar that used to contain a speakeasy and much more. But be careful since you might turn around and find the person who’s having a drink near you is actually a werewolf or vampire.

Digital Tickets

When you sign up for an Upper East Side bar crawl, you’ll usually receive a digital ticket sent to you via email or to an app on your smartphone. Once you get this ticket, you’ll usually also receive an email informing you which bar will be your check-in bar. 

When you arrive at the check-in bar at the designated time, showing the staff your digital ticket will enable you to get your wristband for the evening’s festivities. Once you’ve got the band on your wrist, you and your friends will be ready to paint the town red and make one toast after another.

For many years, NYC bar crawls have continued to gain in popularity as more people discover how fun and inexpensive these events are for Upper East Side entertainment. You can’t go wrong with a bar crawl if you want a taste of the glamorous life while spending a great night out with family and friends.

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