Hubby has ALWAYS loved to go fishing. The first few years of our relationship, he would drag all of us along with him. While he was having fun, we were all bored out of our minds. Sorry babe, but if you aren’t the one doing the fishing – it gets really old, really fast. There is only so much you can drag along to distract young children for a period of time.

Pamunkey River

Nowadays, however, he’s got his eldest son, B., to take along with him and some of his other “fishing cronies” as I call them – so he doesn’t bother with dragging us along. (Hallelujah!!!!) Yesterday he was down at the Pamunkey River and caught this monstrosity:

Yes, that nasty big ole’ catfish is in my kitchen sink. Eww! Had to disinfect and scrub the mess out of the sink when he was done washing it off! Here’s another shot of this big ole’ catfish on his side (cause The Man Thing wants everyone to know just how BIG he was):

He loves a good fight (with a fish) and he said that this ole’ boy put up one heck of a fight when he was reeling him in. (I would have too if I knew I was gonna end up on someone’s table as dinner). The Pamunkey is known for its good-sized catfish:

Granted, The Man Thing’s catfish looks like a baby compared to this one … but you get the idea! Some great fishing and even better eats! Catfish is gonna be on the table for dinner tonight! Anyone hungry?

Photo Courtesy of The Daily South – Southern Living. Click Image for 8 Steps to Crispy, Perfectly Fried Catfish!

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