The Great White North: How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Canada

Despite its nickname, the Great White North, Canada has much more to offer than snow and desolate landscapes. Of course, it’s natural spots are beautiful, in fact they’re among the best in the world. However, there are plenty of unexpected things you can find there as well. If you want to get the most out of your next trip up north to Canada, you need to know exactly what the best things to experience there are. If you’re flying in, then your first stop needs to be Globe Car & Truck Rental to get you some wheels! Now, let’s get to the sights that give you the best things to experience in Canada!

Visit Glacier National Park

Canada is home to a few great national parks, and that’s something you should definitely take advantage of when you’re in the country. The best of them is Glacier National Park; it’s simply stunning and the natural landscape there is so varied, making it ripe for exploration. It’s particularly popular among hikers and cyclists, but its lake is incredible too.

Explore Its Major Cities, Not Just the Natural Spots

Some of the best cities in North America are actually found in Canada, and people who aren’t familiar with the country don’t realise that. The best of them all is Toronto. It’s home to incredible city landscapes, a great music scene and plenty of other forms of art and culture. Knights Inn Toronto is one of the many great places to stay in Toronto too. Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver are all fantastic cities too.

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Eat at the Top of the Skylon Tower Overlooking Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is the name of the part of Niagara Falls that’s located in Canada. Even if you’ve seen those falls, you need to visit Horseshoe Falls. But why? Well, to put it simply, the Skylon Tower makes it worth your time. You can head right to the top of the tower and eat at the restaurant there. It overlooks the falls and provides amazing sights.

Enjoy the Ocean Views in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is perhaps the most underrated part of Canada; that’s how many people who visit the location regularly feel anyway. Not enough people head over there, and that might be because it’s a little out of the way. But to be perfectly honest, it’s worth going out of your way for. The ocean views you’ll be greeted by when you get there are stunning.

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Don’t be Tempted to Skip the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is one of those places that so easily gets taken for granted by people who have never been to Canada. It’s not the same as the Rockies in America, and you most definitely should not skip past it when you’re in Canada; it’s too good to miss. If you love beautiful landscape, this is the place for you. Be sure to take your camera with you!

Canada has so much to offer, as you can see for yourself. So if you’re planning a trip to Canada anytime soon, be sure to make the most of the ideas we’ve mentioned here. Each of them offers a fantastic and unique experience that can only be had in Canada.

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