The Green, Fashionable Home

The Green Fashionable Home

What comes first, your property or the planet? If we are honest, the majority of us would say property. It’s not that we don’t want to help the earth but that we are a little lazy. Plus, the cost of renewable energy and eco-friendly methods can be high. So, a green and fashionable property is not a common thing even in this day and age. But, is it possible to mix style and practicality and produce a home that is as chic as it is eco-friendly? You bet your sweet backside it is! For all the wannabe eco-warriors out there, here are the tips which will add a wow factor to properties.


Let’s start with the exterior of the property because it’s the first thing people see. We all know judgments are made quickly and without much info, which is why the outside has to pop. But, how can a homeowner kill two birds with one stone? The key is a tin of paint, everyone’s BFF. For years, people like you and I have covered the interior with paint to cover up cracks and add a new lease of life. Well, the same is possible on the outside of the property. And, they will absorb more heat if the colors are dark and matte. When this happens, there is no reason to burn energy and the house can cut down its carbon footprint. To embrace the culture, green paint with spots of brown and yellow would be perfect.


How on earth can a homeowner turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan? Well, solar panels don’t make it easy because they are big and clunky. Thankfully, solar panel installation of new-age, trendy boards is available today. Still, they may not look the part, which is why they need to go on the roof! When they are up top, it’s almost impossible for people to see them unless they are traveling in a low-flying aircraft. So, unless the neighbors have a Chinook, the panels won’t impact the style. Anyone who questions having them in the first place should know they are effective. Plus, solar energy pays itself off with five to ten years.


In the past, a property owner would only have use bamboo if they had a pet panda. And, now that they are endangered, that is illegal. Stupid animal rights’ groups! So, what’s the point in bamboo flooring if it isn’t going to feed the house pets? Well, for starters, it’s pretty unique and has a fantastic style when incorporated into a modern décor. Bamboo stands out from the other elements, too, so it will act as a focal point. From an eco-friendly standpoint, it absorbs four times as much CO2 than a tree. Yep, the carbon the house creates could just as easily evaporate with bamboo flooring. The great news is this type of wood is versatile and not only used for floors.

Fashionistas and eco-warriors used to be mortal enemies; now, they are the best of friends!

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