The Guide to Dealing with a Blocked Drain: What You Need to Know

One of the nightmares that a homeowner can experience is a blocked drain; something you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have to go through. The waste system in your home is a complex network of pipes and a blockage can occur at any time, which could back up the toilets and cause a terrible odor to permeate the house.


Of course, you could try fixing it yourself, as long as you know the location of the blockage, but we don’t recommend that; call out an experienced blocked drains plumber in Sydney and let him handle it. He uses CCTV buggies that go along the inner pipes and the technician has a small monitor and can inspect all sections and locate the blockage in no time. A DIY job might end up making the blockage worse and in the end, you have no choice but to call out the experts. Locating the blockage is not as easy as you might think; it might mean digging a trench in the garden and that could take all day and you still haven’t found the blockage. It can be very embarrassing when you call out a plumber to fix your repair efforts, not to mention the higher cost.


When you call out a drain specialist, when the blockage has been shifted, the technician flushes out the system with high-powered jets, which reduces the risk of further blockages. Most contractors do this as standard and it really does make all the difference, as it cleans all residue from the inner pipe surface and the CCTV camera can see the condition of the pipes.


Some say that caustic soda can clear a blocked drain, while others use boiling water; this is a bit hit and miss and it might not work at all. For the best results, ask a local plumber with drainage experience to locate the blockage and remove the obstruction. Click here for tips on how to carry out home improvement projects on a limited budget.


In the event a pipe collapses, it doesn’t mean the whole section has to be dug up; using a special technique, the plumber can insert an inner sleeve and that will do the job. This is a much cheaper fix than digging up and replacing sections of pipe.


There are things that you can do to reduce the risk of a drain blockage, such as:

  • Installing fine mesh grills over the plug holes.
  • Never put food waste down the kitchen sink.
  • Remove hair from the shower tray.
  • Pour hot water down the sink/basin on a regular basis.

The above solutions will greatly reduce the chances of a drain blockage and, should you ever suffer a blocked drain, we hope that the above information is useful to you.

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