The Hardest Places in Your House To Clean

The Hardest Places in Your House To Clean

There are parts of your house that are much harder to clean than others. Despite your best efforts, there always feel like they could be cleaner or perhaps they are somewhere that you never even thought needed a clean. This list will go through the hardest places in your house to clean. Don’t shoot the messenger – I hate doing this necessary chore too. It’s either clean the house or end up on an episode of Hoarders.


The oven part of your stove ( can be a nightmare to keep clean. Try as you might, dirt is going to accumulate in there over time, and it will need to be cleaned. This means scrubbing it clean with a cloth. However, because a lot of the dirt is burnt food and bits of carbon, it can be exceptionally difficult to get 100% clean. The dirt clings to the side of it and just won’t let go. That combined with some difficult to reach areas and make it really annoying to get clean. (You could do what I do and just keep the oven door closed and ignore the mess.)

There are products that you can buy to make your life easier, but even then it can still be like a massive job. To make this easier, it is best to clean your oven regularly. This will stop the build-up becoming too great and make the job far smaller when you come to clean the oven. In order to save yourself a massive headache, clean it regularly and do your best not to drop food on the bottom of it and try not have oil splash the front and side, too.

A good trick is to line the bottom of your oven with tinfoil – once you bust your arse cleaning it that it is. This way if something does spill, you can make cleanup a breeze and just pull out the dirty tinfoil and put fresh tinfoil in.


You might think that running your vacuum cleaner of your carpet will keep it clean. NOT! Your carpet will continue to get dirty and over time it will start to stink, especially if you have pets or smokers in the house. This is because your vacuum cleaner can only pick up so much of what has been put on the carpet. It is effective against dry dirt and dust, but that isn’t enough to get your carpet truly clean.

You might be thinking about wetting your carpet to trying and clean it properly, but that isn’t best and can damage your floor and carpet alike. It is best to have a professional clean your carpet every now and again to keep it clean and extend its lifespan. Somewhere like Chem Dry ( can provide a carpet cleaning service that will leave your carpet far cleaner than using your regular vacuum cleaner.


Every home has vents. These might be for the air conditioning, or they might be for your extractor fan above your stove. Whatever your vents ( are for, over time debris, dirt and mould will start to form inside them. This means that they will need a thorough cleaning to prevent any health complications or damage the vents themselves.

It isn’t suggested that you start pulling down your vents and cleaning them yourselves. Instead, you should hire some professionals to clean them for you. They can be in and out with minimal disturbance to your home, and afterwards, you will have some lovely clean vents. This isn’t a job that needs doing every week, but you should probably get it done at least once per year.

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