The Importance of Letters from Santa to Your Kids and Grandkids

I have always been a believer in the magic of Christmas and of that jolly old elf himself, Saint Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus. Even after fifty-plus years on this planet, I still believe in the magic of the season and that Santa reigns supreme at the North Pole.

christmas tree

The Christmas season is upon us, and with it comes all the magic and wonder the season offers for little ones to experience. The toy catalogs that we enjoyed ourselves as youngsters, the store window displays, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to kick off the season, the decorations, the lights – it truly is a season where anything is possible!

Christmas Promise

I don’t know a parent out there who hasn’t worried about not being able to ensure the one present their child wanted most for Christmas was under the tree Christmas morning. A way that I dealt with that is I left a note from Santa on the tree for them called the Christmas Promise. Be sure to check out our article to see how it works.

Letters from Santa

Speaking personally, my kids’ eyes would light up when they found a letter from Santa for them on Christmas morning. I previously did the PNP (Portable North Pole) videos for my kids, but the letters are always something tangible that they can hold and cherish. That is why I am pleased to tell my fellow parents and grandparents about this year.

Santa Letter Logo

I am 53-years-young and I still remember the letters from Santa that I would find in our stockings each year growing up. 2020 provides a unique holiday experience in that we may not be able to be with friends and family as in previous years due to the pandemic, so giving your child or grandchild the gift of a Letter from Santa ensures that they will have a magical holiday.

child with letter from santa

In every letter package from Santa, your child will receive their personalized official letter from Santa, a special map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to their home, an official copy showing their name, as well as the name of a friend (must fill out on form) on Santa’s Nice List and a special Nice List Certificate, for the child to proudly display. All sent in a decorative Santa envelope mailed directly from the North Pole.

santa's gold christmas package

If you want even more Christmas magic you can select the Gold Christmas Package, which includes everything above as well as a door hanger with a special message for Santa, a window sticker to proudly display for Santa, a magical mix of reindeer food made by Mrs. Claus herself and a package of magic snow which makes you feel like you are in the North Pole.

santa reading letter from child

Finally, for those that want to share the ultimate in Christmas cheer, the Christmas Eve Package, comes with a collectible plate and mug for your child or grandchild to leave cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, along with a magical bell right from Santa’s suit!

santa's christmas eve package

Santa’s Letter Factory also believes that all children should share in the magic of Christmas regardless of their financial situation, which is why 10% of their net profits go to the Toys for Tots charitable organization, helping provide Christmas toys for underprivileged children nationwide.

santa and rudolph

All of their letters and packages will be postmarked from Santa’s location: 325 S. Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, AK 99705.

So, regardless of how COVID has affected your finances this year, you can bring Christmas magic to your kids via We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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