The Incredible Benefits of Working From Home

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Working from home really can be a dream. It’s not all lazing around and having a movie day every day, of course, it’s still work and there are things you need to get done. However, there are a ton of great benefits which can lead to improved health and happiness. Here are some of the incredible benefits.

No Commute

One of the hardest parts of any working day is dragging yourself out of bed at stupid o’clock and fighting through traffic or crammed public transport to get to your workplace. Even if you really love your job, it’s something that can’t be avoided and can be a source of stress. When you work from home, however, you don’t have this problem. You wake up and you’re already in your workplace, a quick shower and a change of clothes and you’re ready to start your day with no cost or hassle involved. Often the way the day begins will set the tone for the rest- a stressful commute can sometimes set a stressful tone for the rest of your working day and lead to lower productivity. If you’ve had it with trains, buses and rush hour traffic then working from home is such a luxury.

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In most workplaces, your hours are set. You need to turn up on time (and not a minute late!) and clock out after your assigned working hours. If there’s anything you need to do during this time – such as health appointments, children’s appointments or more – you have to negotiate this time off. And of course, it’s not always guaranteed. When you work from home, your hours are flexible. Not only is this good for fitting your work around your life, but it can also lead to better productivity. If you naturally work better in the afternoons and evenings you have the choice to do so. If you want to do some extra work one day to get ahead and have time off then you can. Flexibility is great, it enables you to live your life while still earning money. So many of us spend all of our time earning money that we don’t have a chance to go out and enjoy it.

Reduced Workplace Dangers

It’s true, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. However, it’s still fair to say that your risk of workplace accidents is greatly reduced. There’s no working with chemicals or high heats. You’re not working at heights, or in noisy surroundings. While hearing aids can improve the quality of your life if your hearing has been affected by your work- prevention is of course always better than cure. For the most part, you’ll be sitting in your home office and working from there, it’s incredibly safe. Since you’re not even having to commute, there’s not even risk of road accidents on the way to your workplace. It’s not to say that there’s no flip side to this as there is- working from home and sitting at a desk all day can lead to issues like obesity and back problems. However, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle you can prevent these, and from a safety point of view, you’re certainly safer in your home office than in a factory, warehouse or on the roads.

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Fewer Sick Days

The problem with being ill at a regular workplace is that you have to deal with other people. You might have enough energy to get on with your workload, but not enough to deal with customers and colleagues. You also run the risk of infecting others, and so when you’re unwell, sick days are needed. For most people, this results in lost money. However, when you work from home it’s much easier to get on with things if you’re a little unwell. A mild stomach bug or a cold (which might have required you to call in sick in a normal job) can often be worked around when you’re at home. If you’re feeling unwell you can take naps as needed, and have access to your bathroom and medicine cabinet as needed. This means less lost money for you!

Cheaper Meals

One place lots of us tend to overspend is on work lunches. When you’re working away, the thought of a tasty meal at lunch can get us through- and it’s easy to end up at the drive through, sandwich shop and vending machines instead of eating soggy sandwiches brought from home. However, when you’re working from home, you have access to your fridge, cupboards, and cooker making life much easier. You still have the option to meal prep if you want to, but a sandwich made fresh for example is always going to be nicer than one that’s sat in a lunchbox since last night. Without the temptation of the works canteen, vending machines, and nearby food establishments, you’re more likely to eat what you have at home and it will save you money- as well as a few inches on your waistline!

Creature Comforts

Having your creature comforts around you as you work can make all the difference. On a cold morning, you can cozy up with a blanket and your dog or cat at work away from your laptop. During the summer, you can sit outside and work from your garden with a cold jug of lemonade. You have access to tea and coffee whenever you want it, and you’re surrounded by your own familiar things. This can make a real difference to your health and happiness. If you’re someone that’s fed up of working in a cold, noisy and ugly factory for example then think of the peace and comfort that working from home could bring.

What are some of your favorite perks for working from home? Share them in the comments below with us!

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