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In case you didn’t know, Baby Amelia (my first grandchild) will be arriving April 2020. So I’ve been busy doing my duty as a Nana and checking out a variety of products that will be helpful for my son and his fiance when Amelia arrives. I seriously considered keeping this for myself. Like, that’s where my organizational mind went before Nana brain kicked in again. Lord knows they are gonna need this though if she is anything like my son was! 🙂

Back when I was raising my babies, the diaper bags had a few pockets on the outside and then one large compartment that may or may not have had inside pockets for small items. Basically you could fit one or two bottles in the outside pockets, a handful of diapers, a small box of wipes, and a changing pad to lay the baby on if you found yourself pulled off to the side of the road having to change a messy diaper on the back seat of the car. Maybe you could squeeze a teething ring in or one or two toys, but that was about all that you were going to fit in there.

If you put extra bottles on the inside, they would inevitably fall over and spill or leak causing a mess. Not to mention things were easily mashed because it was basically a cloth bag with little structure.

And don’t EVEN get us started on the SMELL of those plastic diaper bag linings! They straight up STANK!

Fast forward from 1988, 1999 and 2003 and tada – introducing the Mimmo Caddy!

This is SO much more than JUST a diaper bag! The Mimmo Caddy Organizer can carry up to 50 pounds of weight – and it’s made of felt, people! Premium quality, heavy-duty felt but still – FELT! The superior quality of this caddy and the extra sturdy construction ensures that it stays in shape even when it is empty. I love that removable divider you see pictured above too – this is just a giant bag of AWESOME with handles people!

About Ivy, the Founder

Ivy is a full-time working mother with 2 lovely and energetic girls. She knows firsthand the 30-second diaper change that takes 10 minutes. We’ve all been there. Go room to room looking for a diaper, change of clothes, wipes, etc. Ivy told herself something needs to change. She missed drinking a nicely crafted cup of her favorite coffee – while it was still warm. I can relate!

Like me, Ivy realized that organizing not just the clutter, but also daily routines, keeps her sane and gives her the ability to love herself and others. It is the why behind her creating Mollie Ollie, and we cannot thank her enough! I seriously do NOT know how I survived without the Mimmo Caddy Organizer raising my three kids!

How to Use the Mimmo Caddy Organizer

This is not JUST for hauling around diapers and wipes my friends. This caddy organizer will grow with your child, and you might need an extra for Mom herself!

✓Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer
✓Portable Nursing Station
✓Road Trip Tote
✓Car Seat Organizer
✓Knitting Supplies Basket
✓Arts & Crafts Bag
✓Laundry Storage Bin
✓Essential Oils Tote
✓Cosmetic & Skincare Storage Bin
✓Toy Storage Organizer
✓Stationary Organizer

See what I mean? If you really want to go crazy – I would suggest getting three or four of these Mimmo Caddy Organizers!

Special Feature: The Zipper Compartment

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to dig to the bottom of the diaper bag or searching through 100 smaller bags to find what you are looking for. The zipper compartment is a thoughtful feature designed to help organize small items like nail scissors, thermometer, nasal aspirator, your child’s pacifier – things you want to keep clean and easily found are what this covered pocket is designed for.

Some Additional Specs

  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Polyester lining gives a smooth and resilient interior that is easy to clean, giving you a peace of mind to store away baby’s wearable and essentials (and it doesn’t stink!)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE – 14.5” x 9.5” x 7” with 2 removable dividers. Transform it into a portable changing or nursing station, road trip organizer, arts & crafts tote, yarn & knitting supplies basket, and more! Simply fold down to bring on trips in the car or luggage.
  • THERE’S A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING! – 8 pockets of various sizes including a zipper compartment with 5 elastic loops for easy access and smart organization.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA – A chic and premium looking caddy with space-grey felt exterior and turquoise blue interior. Absolutely a practical baby shower gift idea for Moms and should be on every baby registry! (We’ve said it before – gray is the chic color of the year!)

Watch This!

Want to know where to get your own Mimmo Caddy Organizer? Amazon naturally!

Discounts? Why Yes!

Not that you should need the extra nudge to buy one of these beauties, but just in case you do… Visit and provide your email address to receive a 20% discount off your first order! There is also a coupon available to apply on as of this writing.

Visit Mollie Ollie


The Mimmo Caddy Organizer has room to literally fit everything you need for traveling with a newborn or an older child. I do so wish I’d had one of these when my three were smaller. It would have made those car trips home to Pennsylvania and to visit friends in North Carolina so much easier!

So if you are looking for a great gift for a new mom or a mom-to-be, or that mom who has a toddler and twins and can’t seem to remember where she put ANYTHING lately (like my niece LOL), get them the Mimmo Caddy Organizer. Trust us, they will love you for LIFE after receiving this!

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  1. This organizing caddy sounds perfect! I am definitely going to add this to my wish list for our newest addition! This wasn’t around when I had my other babies. I love being organized and it helps SO much when you have a new baby. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. These are so nice for organizing. I could use a couple at my house even though I don’t have babies. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. We travel with our cat and inevitably put all his stuff in a plastic bag. This would be great for that and we wouldn’t look like bag people when we check into hotels!

    • I absolutely ♥ that idea! That would work great for our little Mollyanna too! See? It is just so versatile that there are 100s of things you can do with it!

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