The Mom’s Survival Kit

It’s the weekend, the kids are beginning to get bored. They have done everything there is to do over summer vacation, school is looming on the horizon, and they are beginning to drive you out of your ever loving mind. So what’s a mom to do? In times of dire emergency (like when you’re ready to start yanking your own eyelashes out) grab your Mom’s Survival Kit and head off into your safe room!

These are the basics, and your survival kit can include additional items you may need, depending on the amount of time you plan to be missing in action. Gather up the items for your kit and add them to a grab-and-go caddy (the cleaning supplies can get stashed in the cupboard where nobody will see them) and keep it nearby.

When the tween/teen meltdown begins, simply whip out your duct tape, apply it to the offending child’s mouth and/or affix them to a chair, grab your caddy and head to your safe room.

Survival kits are a necessity in this day and age – for all manner of situations and experiences you may encounter. Be prepared is our motto!

Here’s to your sanity, Mothers of the World!

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