The Most Important Things You Should Consider Before Building a Pool

Swimming pools. They’re not only a great way to show your wealth and your aesthetic tastes, but they also make for a fun play area where you can try to escape the summer heat. And in the case of lap pools, they also make for a great way to exercise and to stay fit.

Now that we have a home of our own with a huge back yard, I’ve seen that several other neighbors in the area have above-ground, such as an Intex Metal Frame Pool Set, or in-ground pools in their yards as well. So you know it’s something we will be checking out for the summer!

Swimming Pools at Home

Swimming pools come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. But if there’s one thing that’s common among all pools, it’s the fact that pool construction can be an arduous task to take on, not just on the part of the builders, but on the part of the homeowner as well.

And the most common pitfall is that many homeowners start a pool construction project without fully understanding the scale of their undertaking. This is when they end up with unfinished projects, wasted money, and a big gaping hole in their backyard. And that, a Merry Christmas, does not make. So, how exactly do you avoid this jarring scenario? You can start by reading our list of helpful tips:

Ask Yourself “Why?”

That’s right. Before you even start drawing up numbers and pooling the names of people who you might want to hire to get the project done, you need to determine why you even want a pool in the first place.

You have to define its purpose early on so that you have a clear idea of what type of pool you want to have, whether it’s for fitness, recreation, or just for relaxing. Or, in some cases, it can even be used simply as an aesthetic element in your backyard.

Assess Project Area

In particular, this means that you have to determine whether your pool is going to be on level ground or on a sloping section of your property. The latter scenario is going to drive costs higher significantly and let me tell you that you’re going to need a contractor for trenching and boring if you’re even going to start your pool construction.

You also need to consider factors like soil stability, the presence of shade, the frequency of earthquakes in your area, and of course, the size and shape of your pool in relation to that of your property.

Cleaning Measures

After constructing your pool you’re going to have to see to it that it’s well-maintained. In-ground pools are a rising trend wherein pools rely on natural processes and filtering methods like plants and organisms to keep them clean. Otherwise, you’re going to opt for a standard issue chemical-treated pool.

The Cost

A basic concrete swimming pool is going to cost you around $35,000. Take note that this is an estimation for a basic concrete pool. This doesn’t include the cost of having a heating system, cover, decks, and filtration systems installed. But that’s not all. You also have to consider the cost of maintaining the pool.

This includes cleaning fees as well as acid washing every three to five years. You can save some money by opting for a fibreglass pool instead of a concrete pool. They are low maintenance and they also come with a lifetime warranty.

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