The Moving Scams You Have To Be Aware Of

When you think about moving home, you probably think that everything is going to go perfectly, and the only hitch you’ll fall victim to if the home you’re moving into not being ready on the date stated, but the homeowners you’ve sold your home to are ready to move into yours. If that’s as serious as it gets, you can’t help but think that the stress people are really feeling from moving home, is not actually as bad as you would think. But you’re wrong!

There are so many little scams that people are falling victim to around the world, and you really have to be careful when getting yourself through the moving process. Although in all reality, these scams happen few and far between in comparison to the number of people that move homes, it’s still happening around the world, and the wrong attitude to have is one where you believe it won’t happen to you. So, we’re going to talk you through some of the biggest scams around at the minute, and how you can protect yourself from them!

Mortgage Scams

There are many mortgage scams circulating at the minute, but luckily, if you do fall victim to one, it’s most likely that you will be able to get your money back because the person at fault is likely going to get caught eventually. But the trauma of going through this is horrible, and the delay it can cause to you getting into your new home could ruin your plans altogether. Rashad Blossom is just one of the attorneys that you could contact if you feel like you’re being a victim of mortgage fraud. It’s basically where you’re offered a mortgage, but then never actually get the mortgage on the house, people run off with your money. It’s a terrible scam considering so many people have such big deposits, but it is one that’s unfortunately happening.

Moving Scams

Moving scams are another big hit with people at the minute, and are far more common than the mortgage problem we spoke about. Moving scams are generally where companies will come and pick up all of your belongings, and that’s the last you’ll see of them. That’s why it’s always so important to go with a real branded company, rather than someone who is doing it for themselves. At least with a big moving company, you know exactly what you’re getting, you know they’re legit, and you know your belongings will turn up. It can be really hard to track down moving scammers as well because they generally change vehicles really quickly.

New Home Scams

This is a cowboy builder kind of scenario, and it is happening. If you’re waiting to move into your new home because there is work happening to it, you need to make sure you’re monitoring it closely. Some companies are getting the job done super quick, missing out parts, and giving you a half-finished home for the full price, and then never getting in touch again! Always make sure you go with a trusted builder!

What about you? Have you fallen victim to a scam? When did you realize you were scammed and how did you go about remedying the situation? Let us know in the comments.

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