The Other Part Of Selling Your Home: Avoiding The Stress!

Selling a home is one of the most stressful things anybody can go through because the vast majority of the process is out of our control. We are waiting for so many different things to come through, but when the time comes, we find ourselves under pressure to get things done quickly. But this means that we never feel that we are in control of anything.

Naturally, stress and feelings of anxiety are never far away. But what can we do to minimize the stress of selling a property? Is it to do with the housing process, or is it to do with ourselves? Or, in fact, is it a combination of both?

Getting The Right Agent

We can feel that they are are all the same, that they are just after our money, but not willing to help. But if you get the right agent, they can help you through so many different aspects. They can give you insight into the selling costs, as well as identify specific repairs so the home value increases. They will also negotiate the purchase agreements, as well as deal with the various (and intimidating) sorts of paperwork.

Because there are so many different steps associated with selling a property, if you have the right agent that can walk you through the process, it will demystify the entire rigmarole selling a home. There is a joke that real estate agents double up as therapists! You might be surprised how true this is!

Learn More About The Process

Stress is about not feeling in control of a situation. When you know nothing about selling a home, by learning about the process, before you even put your house on the market, this will help reduce your stress. Because most people only end up selling a home once or twice in their lifetime, this is why it’s so stressful. But if you know beforehand how long the process will take, the costs, as well as the potential outcomes, positive and negative, you will have a better handle on things.

The process of selling a home is a lengthy one, and there is no such thing as being underprepared. In a literal sense, when you know what is going to happen next, you can prepare better.

Set Up A System

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling a home is making sure that it is ready to go, not just when the sale has been finalized, but way before that, when people are viewing the place. You want to make the home as neat as possible, and make sure that it looks as good as the photos on the website. But this means you need a system in place, rather than having to clean up the entire house from top to bottom every single time someone wants to view the place.

You need to find ways to be proactive. What you can do is maintain a habit of cleaning as you go. If the property has carpets, you can purchase a handheld vacuum to clean up crumbs and lint as you go. You want as many people to see your house as possible, and you may only have 30 minutes’ notice. It is worth investing in some decorative storage boxes that blend into the decor of the rooms. This gives you the opportunity to put any personal items out of sight quickly. And it’s always worth having cleaning wipes available so you can wipe down mirrors, countertops, and faucets without issue.

When you are on the clock to get the property as clean as possible, proper preparation is vital. Set up a cleaning rota, and stick to it rigidly. This will minimize any last-minute stresses.

Practice Looking After Yourself

The process of selling a home is stressful; it can feel like a whirlwind, and it’s always the benefit of hindsight that can make you realize what you should have done differently. You may find you are very overwhelmed, not just with the house selling process, but also the other aspects of your life that you need to maintain. Sometimes you may find that you are picking up takeout or fast food because you just haven’t had the time to do the things that you normally would in the evenings.

But throughout the entire process, it’s worth setting up some healthy habits. Looking after yourself isn’t just about the physical aspects, but it’s about emotional health as well. It can be emotionally draining. From getting your home ready to packing up the property, as well as moving to a new home, it’s important to learn how to relax throughout this process. This may seem like an impossible task. But try to maintain some sense of normality, especially if you have children.

One of the big regrets people have when they look back on selling a home is that they didn’t make the most of the last few months there while they could. Perhaps it’s a house where your children grew up, and it’s now time to move on to the next phase of your life. There can be conflicting and bittersweet feelings arising as a result of selling your home. Partly, you need to remember that you are moving on to something better, so you should take the opportunity to enjoy the place while you can. 

Selling your home is a big part of your life. It’s one of the most stressful things that anybody can undergo. But while it is a major learning curve, and it takes over every aspect of your life, remember to take a break on occasion. Take the opportunity to step away from the process while you can.

If you’re moving somewhere far away, perhaps a day trip to your new home can give you a perspective of what will happen next. It is something that can come with conflicting emotions, and it’s important to maintain a sense of perspective. It is stressful, and this stress can be avoided, but we have to remember that it’s very likely we will only do this once or twice in our lives.

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  1. I wish my sister had help a few years ago when her husband past on, she had no choice to sell and had no help. It hurt me to see her lose everything that they had worked for. Just Thankful that she is restored and happy now.

    • I know what you mean – my sister had to sell our ancestral home after a divorce and she had to go through all of that on her own as it needed to be done quickly and I wasn’t able to get home to help her with the sale. It’s rough but if you hang tight and remember to breathe you can get through it!

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