The Pros and Cons of Tailor-Made and Prearranged China Tours

Travel in an unfamiliar country can be wrought with some pretty difficult situations – however, traveling in a pack can be limiting. I sat down to have a talk with my friend, Mark, about his experiences and to have a look at the differences between a group China tour and a tailor-made custom tour experience.

The Pros and Cons of Tailor-Made and Pre-Arranged China Tours
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Traveling to China can be the best experience for the world traveler but sometimes, making the wrong choices early on can have devastating effects on the enjoyment of your journey.

Every single traveler is different, with their own unique set of wishes, requirements, and goals. And with these differences come some tough choices.

One of the first challenges any traveler will face when they visit a foreign country is how to go about it: with a predetermined group with canned destinations, or to step up to the plate and define the experience from scratch with what people call a “tailor-made” tour.

Any China tour choice can be ideal for a lone traveler or a family so we are going to skip over that concern immediately; tour operators are ready for the family factor, I assure you.

In Mark’s experience, he’s tasted the benefits and downsides to both; well, perceived them at least. Mark is a really easy-going guy, and can totally relate to his fellow man. Everyone has their own unique set of needs, wants, and desires. The trick is to shoehorn yourself (and/or your family) into the experience that suits you best.

So enough rambling on and on, let’s get down to it.

The Pro’s of Traveling on a “Prefabricated” Tour Plan in China

  • No worries; traveling on a predetermined China tour will pretty much eliminate any concerns with the whole who, what, where, and when of travel.
  • Money talks; another key reason people prefer to travel with a group as opposed to going solo without a China tour is simple; you save hordes of hard-earned cash, much like you do when you buy bulk.
  • Strangers are friends you haven’t gotten to know just yet; this was probably the best part of The China Travel Company group tour that Mark took in China seven years back. He met his wife, and they went from backpacker tourist friends to happily married with two beautiful children in under a decade.

Now for the Negatives of Group China Tours

Socially inept? If that’s the case, Mark doesn’t suggest a group tour unless it’s a group of people you’ve selected, such as friends or relatives, or anyone you know and feel safe or comfortable traveling with.

Slower pace; Traveling with a group of eight? Well that 2-minute bathroom break becomes half hour or worse, your meal will take longer to serve. Say goodbye to a little vehicle leg room, and you’ll generally require a little more patience and understanding of people’s weird habits or selfie sticks.

Positive Side of Custom China Tours

Choose your own destiny; in full or in part, you’ve got the ball in your court. If you only have a few ideas bouncing around in your mind, your tour company can fill up your itinerary for you. In addition, no annoying people; you choose your destinations, your ride, and your people.

Downside of Custom China Tours

Money is funny to the rich; however, if you’re a little tight in the cash flow department, you might not be able to afford your dream China tour. Nevertheless, there are many discounted China tours available online. It all comes down to timing and booking right away when it’s there.

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