The Pros & Cons Of Living In A Storm-Prone Area

It is that time of year when residents of states in Tornado Alley begin to inspect their homes and protect themselves. When tornado season ends, the preparation begins for those in hurricane-prone areas; the hurricane season will last through to the beginning of winter.

The areas of the country that are most prone to storm events may seem unattractive places to live. Who would want to put down roots in a community that may be destroyed by something as fundamental as the weather? Is it ever worth the risk? If you have found yourself contemplating these questions while considering a move, then you will find it helpful to look through the pros and cons of living in the storm-prone regions.

PRO: House prices are cheaper

The same concerns that you have about living in a storm-prone area will usually help to keep house prices low. If you’re on a budget, or want to ensure you get the best possible size of property for the price you can pay, then states that are prone to storms are an excellent way to achieves this.

CON: Your insurance premiums will be higher

The cost of home insurance in the storm-prone areas is usually far higher than other areas, as insurers seek to ensure they can provide coverage against difficult odds. So while you may be able to afford a better house, you’ll also need to be able to budget more for the cost of insuring that house.

PRO: The odds are in your favor

When it comes to having to suffer through a storm of life-changing proportions — i.e. the complete destruction of your home — the odds are very much in your favor. You could live in a storm-prone area for your entire life and never have to deal with an actual storm event; it’s important to remember storm-prone doesn’t mean storm-guaranteed.

CON: You may suffer through a storm

With that said, it’s important to think about how you would cope if you were to be one of the unlucky ones who has to deal with a storm– and it’s not just the storm itself. From fixing building damage to flood water cleanup; the aftermath of major storm events can be painstakingly long and arduous. You have to be sure that you are comfortable with the entire picture of what might happen if you life in a storm-prone region. Coming to terms with the potential for this threat is something you will have to do prior to making a move.

PRO: Millions of people think it’s worth the risk

Millions of people live in storm-prone regions without experiencing any problems with severe storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. If such areas were truly dangerous, they would be barren wastelands– the fact that civilization exists in a region should be enough to tell you that the risk is minimal.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, choosing to live in a storm-prone region is never an easy choice, but the odds are very much on your side. If you have reason to want to move to the areas that are frequently impacted by big storms, the threat is simply not severe enough to be the sole justification for staying away.

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