The Seemingly Benign Ways You’re Harming Your Health

If You Do Any One of These 4 Things – You’re Harming Your Health!

The aim of the game is to live as long as possible. To do this, we try to avoid the major occurrences in life that shave the years off. For instance, plenty of people drink and smoke but they don’t do it to the point where they are addicted. Instead, they find a threshold that is socially acceptable and healthy to a degree. When things get out of control, that’s when evolution kicks in.

Although it seems like a good strategy, there is a hitch. Focusing on the big things means the little ones go under the radar. And, the “benign” can add up in a big way. Here’s a taster of how.

Lack of Sleep

A Lack Of Sleep

It’s okay; you’ll catch up with the Zs at the weekend. But, there is a problem with this theory: it doesn’t work. For one thing, there’s quite a bit of alcohol flowing around on Friday and Saturday nights. Even though it knocks you out like a light, it impairs your quality of sleep. Then, there is the fact that the body builds up a balance every night it doesn’t get its seven to nine hours. Sleeping well is about creating a routine and sticking with it to avoid fatigue, stress, and health-related diseases.

Skipping Check-ups

Skipping Check-Ups

Again, there is an “I will be fine” attitude. After all, if something isn’t broken then you shouldn’t try to fix it, right? The mantra may apply to a clapped out car, but the body is different. There may be something going on under the hood that you don’t know about and you can’t afford to break down by the side of the road. If it’s something major then you may not get it back on the highway again. Medical professionals should catch bad signs before they morph into something potentially fatal. But, you have to book an appointment to get their expert opinion.

mental health

Neglecting Mental Health

Your body is the thing that you can see deteriorating. When you cut the skin, blood pours out and makes you aware that there is an issue. The mind is different because you can’t see the inner workings of the brain. Small signs appear now and again yet people dismiss them out of hand. Only old people need to sign up for dementia care. You’re young and this stuff doesn’t happen until a certain age. Mental health diseases don’t discriminate, which is why reading is essential as are brain teasers.

Bad Diet

Junk food is so nice that it’s tempting to indulge. Only a person’s guilt stops them from becoming the people in McDonald’s they pity. If simply we could eat what we wanted without getting fat. Sadly, it’s not the case as burgers and pizza help pile on the pounds. Even semi-regular junk food is enough to harm your cholesterol levels and increase blood pressure. So, the takeout food you have every Sunday as a hangover cure may be bad for the body in the long run.

How many, if any, out of the four do you do on a consistent basis?

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