The Shed’s Dead! Here’s How to Revive It!

Many homeowners choose to have wooden sheds and outbuilding on their property, as they can be useful extra storage, or even be used as livable spaces like summer houses and studios for craft and artwork. However, the problem with sheds and other wooden outbuilding is that they can start to look pretty gross after only a short span of time, something that means they often stop getting used. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get them looking gorgeous and lively again. Just read on to find out what they are.

the shed's dead

Get It Cleaned

One way that you can revive a wooden outbuilding like a shed is to get it cleaned. This is often necessary because wooden buildings are particularly vulnerable to damage from the elements and weather and this means that they can end up looking pretty horrid and not at all like a place you would want to use.

The best way to clean a shed is to employ a professional pressure washing company like the one you will find at to do the job for you. This type of cleaning process is well suited to wooden garden structures because it uses a combination of garden-safe chemicals and low pressure to gently strip away the layers of ageing and leave you with an outbuilding that looks as good as new.

Repair and Treat

Once, you have cleaned the outbuilding then it’s a good idea to repair any major issues that are causing a problem. This may mean covering over holes, so wee beasties from the outside can’t get in. Alternatively, it may mean replacing panes of glass, or even coating the entire surface area with protective sealant or paint to make it look a little more appealing Something that will also prevent the water and elements getting into the wood so much and causing damage as well.

Plant Around It

Next, to revive your wooden outbuilding consider the space around it. Is it just plonked somewhere in your garden without any thought to the aesthetics? If so, then you may need to consider moving the building to a better location, or at least integrating it into its surroundings in a more natural way.

To do the latter, consider the planting you have around your building, does it match the rest of the garden, and make the shed blend it? Also, remember that it is possible to grow things like vines and creepers up the building itself to give it a more natural and pleasant look. This is something you can read more about at

Pay Attention to the Inside

Lastly, to revive your wooden outbuilding it’s vital that you pay attention to the inside as well as the outside. After all, you won’t want to use it to its full potential if it’s chocked full of garden rubbish or home to a colony of spiders that just won’t leave.

Happily, to help you with this there are plenty of idea on site like that can demonstrate the pleasant space you can create in a wooden outbuilding in your garden. By following these plans you can be sure it looks as lively on the inside, and it does on the outside, and this will certainly increase the use your wooden outbuilding gets.

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